[Tech] Being John Malkovich, a New Girl and an Avenger

Months after the iPhone 4s were launched by Apple, celebrity commercials are still going viral

"REMIND ME TO CLEAN UP." Zooey Deschanel spends a rainy day in with Siri.

MANILA, Philippines – The iPhone 4s continues to make waves, several months after it was launched in October of last year.

Fashionable design and interface aside, one feature that still sets the iPhone 4s apart from other phones of its “generation” is Siri, the “lady” who answers when you speak to her. According to the Apple website, Siri can understand what you say, knows what you mean, helps you do things you do every day, has so much to tell you, set reminds, send a text and even tell you about the weather.

Celebrities have also jumped on the Siri bandwagon through various iPhone 4s commercials that are also going viral online.

See how Siri makes actor John Malkovich laugh; how Samuel L. Jackson cooks with Siri (then gives her a day off); and how Zooey Deschanel asks for Siri’s help in ordering hot soup for a rainy day. – Rappler.com

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