VIRAL: How to propose marriage
If you think the art of lip dubbing is applicable only to cutesy renditions of pop songs, think again

MANILA, Philippines – If you think the art of lip dubbing is applicable only to cutesy renditions of pop songs, think again.

Take as example this newest addition to adorable marriage proposal videos.

The video features a slightly bewildered and very amused fiancée-to-be riding behind an open SUV as their friends and family, plus a marching band, lib dubbed and danced to Bruno Mars’ candy-tuned “Marry You.”

Portland actor Isaac Lamb, 31, gathered over 60 cohorts to pull off his memorably proposal to girlfriend Amy Frankel, 33.

The video was uploaded on Friday, May 25, and already has over 1 million views as of posting. 

Watch it here:

They’re both company members at Portland’s Third Rail Repertory Theatre.

He asked her to meet him at his parents’ house for dinner. When she arrived, his brother asked her to sit at the open back of a Honda CRV, gave her a headphones to listen as he “plays her a song.” Little did she know that she would be treated to the ride of her life.

The car drove slowly up the street as more and more familiar faces popped to join the street dancing, including Lamb’s parents. The dancing party of 60 parted to reveal Lamb, all but handsomely suited. He approached her and got down on bended knee.

They plan to marry in a year. They met 6 years ago.

Lamb said he was confident she’ll say yes but wanted to make the proposal “something she wouldn’t forget. He also just set the bar higher for would-be fiancées all over the world.

Viral proposals

Wedding proposals are dramatic, romantic, idealistic — and garner tremendous hits on video sharing sites.

Here are some other wedding video proposals that also went viral. What’s your top pick?

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6. Hot air balloon festival in Clark.

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