5 tips for your next spa party with friends

Carol Ramoran
5 tips for your next spa party with friends
Rappler visits one of the metro's newest spas to ask how to make a 'sparty' with friends even more special

MANILA, Philippines – Planning a birthday or a bridal shower for your BFF? The first question that comes to mind would be what kind of party suits your friend and the guests.

There’s been a recent boom in the spa industry with a lot of women opting for some pamper time with their friends rather than getting tired and wasted at a club after hours of dancing and drinking alcohol. A lot of women are turning their moments for relaxation into a social event as well.

And who can blame them? For most young professionals, mostly in their mid-twenties, time is always of the essence and pampering is much needed after a 5-day work week. So why not fuse your time with friends with pampering for a bit of celebration?

Nail spas in Manila often carry spa-party or ‘sparty’ packages for women who are looking into celebrating with their friends over nail treatments, massages, or prettifying treatments.

NO BIRDS, JUST LIGHTS. Cute birdcage lamps adorn the place

Rappler asks Alyssa Apostol, owner of a recently opened spa called Make Me Blush, for tips on having your own sparty with your friends.

1. Pick the perfect spa

The ambiance also plays a huge role. Somewhere very clean and well-lit will contribute to a refreshing experience.

For Make Me Blush, Alyssa opted for a vintage, 1950s vibe that exudes everything girly. From the pastel colored walls and lounge seats down to the counter and doors, Alyssa wanted the place to look chic, comfy, and inviting.

Alyssa says finding the right beauty lounge is crucial and it’s best if you end up in a place where they have complete services. From foot and hand spas to mani-pedis as well as massages, getting pampered with your girlfriends should not come up short.

And speaking of the ambiance, if you find spa music to be sleep-inducing and would like to keep your friends awake, don’t forget to bring some preferred music that you and your friends can party to. Maybe a bit of Spice Girls along with some newer tracks from Nicki Minaj? Just don’t set the volume too loud so that you girls can still talk and catch up. Always call ahead to ask the spa whether they have an iPod dock or would prefer CDs to accommodate your music preference.

2. Which service?

Popular services that come with sparties are mani-pedis, foot and hand spas, as well as massages. But why not take it up another notch? Try getting a haircut together, or getting your makeup done by professionals to look picture perfect. Don’t forget to bring a camera.

Need someone to hold your hand when doing something painful for the first time? Why not try getting your legs waxed with you best friends? Doing it together might make you braver! 

CHOOSE YOUR COLOR. Lots of choices when it comes to colors for your nails. Brands vary too – from Essie to Cuccio, to Orly, and more

Another tip would have to be to read up on reviews about the place – how do other people find their services? Are the nail technicians meticulous or are in a hurry to finish the job? Google the spa you are considering to read about the experiences of their other clients.

3. Something to munch on

PASTELS AND FLORALS. Drinks as well as food, are served in colorful cups, saucers, and glasses

What’s a party without food and drinks? Stick with the wellness theme by ordering healthy, organic food. Discuss it well with the people from the spa to make sure that you get the taste and nutrition value that you want – and to make sure that these are allowed in the space.

Alyssa says that for Make Me Blush, they discuss menu items with clients, along with a nutrionist who can elaborate on the nutrion value and calories the food will come with.

4. Dress for the occasion

Is it a birthday? A bridal shower? A promotion? The good thing about sparties is that you don’t really have to go all out when it comes to clothes. No matter what you’re celebrating, it’s best to come in comfy clothes. Opt for a flowy, comfy top along with a cute pair of shorts so you won’t have to roll up your jeans for your foot spa.

Coming from the office prior to the sparty? Don’t forget to bring your favorite pair of flip-flops or walking sandals. Ditch the stillettos on the way to the spa to give your feet some time to loosen up after being cooped up in your killer heels the whole day. And of course, you’ll need to wear the sandals or flip-flops after the pedicure.

You wouldn’t want to ruin your pedi by squeezing them back into you shoes, right? It’s never right to do so right after a pedi – even if your polish already feels dry. Give it half a day to dry up and harden.

5. Don’t forget to thank your gal pals

Give your girl friends something to remember your party with by giving them simple yet adorable party favors. Sites like Etsy often have a wide selection of handmade products that you can order and have personalized for the occasion.

Feeling a bit crafty? Make some of your own – it will even be more special and cheaper too. 

#NAILFIES. Don't forget to take a nail selfie

Bonus: Take lots of photos of your friends and their newly manicured nails. It’s also the perfect time to take nail selfies or ‘nailfies.’ It would be great to look back to your fun yet relaxing pamper-party.

How about you? Got tips to share for a fun sparty? Let us know in the comments section below. – Rappler.com

To learn more, email: makemeblushspa@gmail.com

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