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Short stories on Twitter

Twitter has been used for a lot of things, including publishing works of fiction.

MANILA, Philippines – The microblogging site Twitter has been used for a lot of things; news organizations use it to gather and break news, celebrities use it to reach out and talk to fans, while normal folk use it to share the often mundane and sometimes interesting going-ons in their lives.

The New Yorker’s fiction department recently found a new use for the social networking site: to serialize Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and short-story writer Jennifer Egan. Since May 25, the New Yorker’s fiction department has been tweeting Egan’s new story, “Black Box,” through their Twitter account

Egan is the author of several books, including “Look at Me,” which was nominated for the National Book Award in 2001. Another book, “A Visit From the Goon Squad,” won the 2011 Pulitzer Price for Fiction and the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction. She also writes for the New York Times Magazine. 

Read parts 1 to 3 of “Black Box” here: 

Jennifer Egan’s "Black Box" on Twitter, Parts 1-3

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Tune in for Jennifer Egan’s new story, which will be tweeted in 10 nightly installments, starting at 8 p.m. today. http://nyr.kr/MtpkqwNew Yorker Fiction
People rarely look the way you expect them to, even when you’ve seen pictures.New Yorker Fiction
The first thirty seconds in a person’s presence are the most important.New Yorker Fiction
If you’re having trouble perceiving and projecting, focus on projecting.New Yorker Fiction
Necessary ingredients for a successful projection: giggles; bare legs; shyness.New Yorker Fiction
The goal is to be both irresistible and invisible.New Yorker Fiction
When you succeed, a certain sharpness will go out of his eyes.New Yorker Fiction
Some powerful men actually call their beauties “Beauty.”New Yorker Fiction
Counter to reputation, there is a deep camaraderie among beauties.New Yorker Fiction
If your Designated Mate is widely feared, the beauties at the house party where you’ve gone undercover to meet him will be especially kind.New Yorker Fiction
Kindness feels good, even when it’s based on a false notion of your identity and purpose.New Yorker Fiction
Posing as a beauty means not reading what you would like to read on a rocky shore in the South of France.New Yorker Fiction
Sunlight on bare skin can be as nourishing as food.New Yorker Fiction
Even a powerful man will be briefly self-conscious when he first disrobes to his bathing suit.New Yorker Fiction
It is technically impossible for a man to look better in a Speedo than in swim trunks.New Yorker Fiction
If you love someone with dark skin, white skin looks drained of something vital.New Yorker Fiction

Can’t wait for the New Yorker’s tweets? You can read “Black Box” in full here.

Serializing books via Twitter may be an innovative way of publishing works of fiction. It also provides other means for people to consume books, similar to how audiobooks provided an alternative to reading. But while there is value in the proposition of delivering bite-sized pieces of literature versus the sometimes daunting challenge of finding the time to read an entire book, the concept may also be too much of a stretch. After all, how many tweets would it take to complete an entire story? What are your thoughts? Would you consider reading a book on Twitter? Send us your comments using the hashtag #TwitterBook.  – Rappler.com

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