‘Kaliwete’: A collection of left-handed people problems

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Left-handers unite on social media over their unique characteristic

MANILA, Philippines – Today is International Left-Handers Day! Hooray for the 10% of the human population this actually applies to! 

Being left-handed may seem cool: there’s something slightly different about you, something interesting that sets you apart, almost like you have a benign superpower. Nonetheless, it can be hard being a left-handed person in a right-handed world.

Things that most right-handed people take for granted, from scissors to cellphones to guitars, are difficult to manage if you’re left-handed. Any left-handed student knows the pain of entering a classroom full of chair-desks built for the right-handed. Even taking up a new sport can have its complications, since you have to train from a right-hander’s perspective as most of your opponents won’t be southpaws like yourself (although Manny Pacquiao is an excellent exception to the rule). 

Fortunately, many left-handers can find solace with each other online, where it’s easy to bond over shared difficulties, however simple they may be. Here’s a glimpse of the world of left-handers through photos and memes: 

Calling all left-handed readers! Any stories you can share with us? Leave them in the comments section below! – Rappler.com

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