The best Bayo ‘what’s your mix’ memes
No issue is complete without a meme. It was a only a matter of time before the Bayo issue became one also.

MANILA, Philippines – A 50% Filipino mananaggal, and a glass that 50% full and 50% empty top some of Rappler’s favorite memes from users poking fun at a recent marketing campaign by clothing brand Bayo that caught the ire of netizens online.

Bayo has since issued a statement saying that they “believe that being a Filipino will always make you 100% beautiful”, And that “it is unfortunate that this message got lost along the way”. But this hasn’t stopped users from coming up with their own spin on the campaign. Memes taking cues from pop-culture references aren’t new. Filipinos also latched on to the Tulfo vs Santiago issue shortly after the incident happened back in May.

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