Eran Katz: ‘Technology will never replace memory.’

Ira Agting
Memory master Eran Katz reminds us that the most powerful gadget is still the human brain

THE MIND IS MASTER. Eran Katz reiterates that reliance on technology should not be the cause for a person's memory to weaken. Photo from

MANILA, Philippines – Do you remember the 21st night of September?

Probably not.

Poor memory seems to be rampant in the modern world. People forget as easily as they gain new memories.

But who can blame them? With the advent of the most advanced technologies known to man, why bother making an effort to memorize and remember information that can readily be saved in computers?

Best-selling author and memory master Eran Katz has this to say: “No technology can replace our memory — remembering is learning.”

Eran Katz has stunned audiences all over the globe with his amazing memory feats. Starting out as a young school boy wanting to find easy ways to learn his lessons, he developed the skill and now shares it with millions of readers through books like Secrets of a Super Memory, Jerome Becomes a Genius and Where Did Noah Park the Ark? 

MEMORY TECHNIQUES IN DEMAND. Katz shares his memory-retention skills through books like this. Photo from

He is most noted for a stunt he performed for the Israel Guiness of World Records wherein he recited 500 numbers forward and backward after hearing them only once.

Despite his success, Katz reiterates that the abilities he possesses are not superpowers unique to him, but are instead skills that can be learned and perfected through training and reinforcement. He adds that nobody is born with a ‘photographic memory’ or ‘super memory.’ It is a learned skill.

Katz says that the techniques he shares have been around for thousands of years. Created by the Romans and the Jews, these methods served as the world’s first phonebook.

“We used to remember telephone numbers very well. Now we don’t because we use technology,” he conveyed to a crowd in his recent visit to the Philippines. He states that the only obstacles hindering individuals from unleashing the power of their memory is their very own minds. Enthusiasm and motivation are the only superpowers needed.

Katz continues, “Technology will never replace our memory. No technology will erase our desire to learn a language (for example).”

The amazing thing about the human brain is that it can rejuvenate and remodel itself at any age. Don’t let its amazing power go to waste.

Remember, remember, remember. –

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