[Viral] Toddler survives being thrown off SUV

She may have survived but her mother did not escape the police

HOW CAN THEY? A YouTube screen grab from the shocking viral video that affects especially parents.

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Horrified YouTube viewers have been sharing a video of an 18-month-old girl being ejected from an SUV.

The incident happened on the evening of June 8, Friday, caught by the police car camera that was chasing the SUV.

It was being driven by the girl’s 17-year-old father, who had just robbed a woman of her bag. The little girl was apparently sitting at the back with 3 other teens, one of which was her mother.

The video shows the car chase where, when the police finally tail the SUV, the driver loses control and the vehicle rolls over. This is when the toddler gets ejected.

She is seen standing up and running towards the moving vehicle, to her parents. She stumbles, but manages to get up again. 

After a few seconds, a lady jumps out of the SUV and picks her up.

Watch the viral video here:

The chase ended with the teens’ arrest, including the toddler’s mom. The little girl survived unharmed. – Rappler.com

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