The Panty Monsters: RC XY Bautista

Ira Agting
RC XY is one Panty Monster who goes for a cause on his own for the benefit of everyone

THE PANTY MONSTERS' RC XY Bautista: pioneer stylist and youth advocate. Photography by Shaira Luna. Makeup by Genstein Yuzon.

Photography by Shaira Luna. Makeup by Genstein Yuzon.

MANILA, Philippines – A pioneer stylist and a steadfast visionary, RC XY is a foxy little monster who believes in the youth’s powerful capacity to spark change.

Indeed, he has already played a part in igniting the flames.

The first Panty Monster

RC XY proudly shares that he witnessed the birth of the Panty Monsters.

He narrates that the Panty Monsters is the brainchild of Lotho Lotho, one of his long-time friends who urged him to join the movement. Two years after, the Panty Monsters are now an ever-growing gathering of individuals who support freedom, self-expression and individualism.

“We were all friends with each other. Prior to Panty Monsters, we were also part of a movement called Fluxxe,” RC XY says. He describes Fluxxe as a get together in celebration of all things young, “hipster” and fun, similar to the Panty Monsters.

Now, the Panty Monsters gather ever so often, revelling in the distinctiveness of the commonly repressed and standardized human person.

Photography by Shaira Luna. Makeup by Genstein Yuzon.

On the Mother Monster

This being said, who else is best to represent the ideals of the non-conformist mind than the “mother of all monsters” Lady Gaga?

Although admittedly not the biggest Lady Gaga fan, RC XY looks up to her for being a brand for the unconventional, for being the voice of the unique minority of this generation.

He also shares that Madonna is an artist who has always captured his heart.

A passionate mover

Aside from being one of the first monsters in the club, RC XY is also proudly a fashion show director, a designer and one of the pioneer stylists in the Philippines.

“I was part of the first wave of stylists in the country,” he shares.

Dati kami lang ang stylist. Ngayon, ang dami na. For a magazine to hire a stylist was a luxury then. Kung may ma-hire man sila, cover to cover.”

Stylists nowadays are indeed multiplying in number and he tells them to constantly find and promote their own style. It is, he believes, what people will hire them for.

“Stylists should be experimental. Go against the trend, but still in fashion,” he explains.

Personally, he leans towards punk rock and grunge, with black as his staple color.

Photography by Shaira Luna. Makeup by Genstein Yuzon.

As far as passions go, RC XY is also a youth advocate.

“I am very much in love with the youth movement. I want to contribute to and promote it, to push today’s youth to maximize and live up to their potentials,” he proudly declares.

Recalling his younger days, he remembers the lack of this kind of support for the youth then. He also remembers, though, the vibrant, lively and joyous feel of the period.

He exclaims, “Noong kami yung bagets, masaya, bonggang-bongga. Ibang-iba, parang pelikula. Everyone was dressing up, doing something.”

“That’s why I want to teach the kids of today to do something,” he continues.

He shares an observation that the youth is now somewhat disconnected from each other. What he hopes is for them to get together to share their different talents and ideas to create a culture unique to their generation.

RC XY in the future

Photography by Shaira Luna. Makeup by Genstein Yuzon.

In the works are his plans of establishing Manila Otherground, described as “the mixing of underground and mainstream.” He admits that the mainstream is needed in order to let one’s works be known to the world. He does not condemn it; rather, he embraces that talent also exists in the conventional realm.

“How do I do it? I don’t know yet,” he says honestly.

But with the persistent determination and passion he feels for the cause, the plan is sure to become a sparkling reality in the future.

The best of luck to those like RC XY who strive to make a difference in a world of sameness. –

(The PANTY MONSTERS are a renegade group of fashion, music and art practitioners and lovers. They advocate equality and respect for all, regardless of sexual orientation or clothing size. They have strong personalities but also have the biggest hearts; their minds a bottomless trove of ideas. They live and love beyond the norm because, for them, to not be normal does not equate to being evil — there is nothing wrong with being different. The PANTY MONSTERS are all about keeping it real, because “real” is the new sexy.)

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