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Frtizie Rodriguez
Printing will never be the same again

A NEW PRINTING EXPERIENCE is within reach of everyone, including today's techie kids and students. Screen grab from cubify.com

MANILA, Philippines – While many of us may have grown up with crayons and coloring books, today’s generation is given more choices when it comes to their artistic freedom. 

Have you ever heard of 3D printing? Gone are the days when printers only produced text files and 2D photographs on paper. 

3D printing has been around for almost 25 years now, but it has been mostly confined within industrial uses. In recent years, however, certain companies are bringing this innovation to more homes. 

3D Systems Corporation, a South Carolina-based company, has paved the way for the world of 3D printing. And this year, 3D printing is no longer an imagined thingamajig from the future.

3D printing — what’s that? 

3D Printing creates real three-dimensional solid objects, one layer at a time, with the use of digital data. The first commercial 3D printer was invented in 1984 by Charles Hull. This made use of a technique called stereolithography which uses UV laser beams to harden and slice photopolymers.  

Since then 3D printing has undergone myriad changes and additions. At present, 3D printers can produce solid objects using a wide array of powdered materials – wax, polystyrene, nylon, glass, ceramics, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and cobalt chrome. Aside from these, plastics and metals are also often used. 

Anybody can go 3D

For more than a decade, engineers and professional designers have been using 3D printers, either for making tools and products, or for building their prototypes.  

But this year, anyone can make and produce their own 3D designs through a single click – just visit cubify.com

Got an idea? Cubify can make it come to life in 3D. Cubify transforms your cellphones or computers into a digital canvas, turning you into an instant artist right at your very home.

Anyone can upload and can their own 3D creations and earn money as you share your creativity with the online world.

Make the most out of technology and put your creative juices to the test. Go 3D today! – Rappler.com 

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