Accessories and rainy days

Kai Magsanoc
How do you transition from summer to rainy weather? The answer: accessorizing.

OVERSIZED GLASSES, OVERSIZED FUNCTION. They protect your eyes and the area around it, not just from the sun but from other harsh elements. And, of course, they keep you stylish.

MANILA, Philippines – Ahhhh the rainy season. Once again, summer has bid us goodbye (for now) and almost-summer has begun (although some days are still super hot!).

By “almost-summer” we mean the wondrously wet season from June to September, with “pahabol” storms even up to October.

For the fashion conscious, it’s time to transition, put together looks that would take us from day to night, through any rainy day. Or, for hot days, looks that will keep us cool, sharp and ready for rain.

The key to an inexpensive yet effective fashion transition is through accessorizing.

Pieces you bought for summer (or even before that) will take on new life when paired with accessories, new or not.


DARK TONES GO WELL together, contrary to popular belief. Accent with an animal-print accessory for that subtle yet sexy touch.

While countries that have 4 seasons are still donning summer fashion, countries like ours that only have two are starting to wear pre-fall (or pre-holiday), where darker tones take the stage.

That the basic colors black, brown and blue (in varying shades) never go out of season still applies. Sticking to these colors also help with fashion economics as far as pairing them with accessories is concerned, because they will always look good and go well together.

DRESS LIKE A LADY in a navy blue frock with mini polka dots paired with a contrasting tan hand bag — a classic, no-fail combination. 

THE THING WITH COCKTAIL events is that you get photographed. Use a clutch in basic colors that people won't remember and that won't overpower a simple outfit.

(Note: A clutch can also look good with skinny jeans and heels.)

BE FEARLESS, GO ALL-black. Girls who work field jobs and then have to attend functions in the evening will benefit from this. Pick accessories that have character, like this studded rockstar hand bag. 

Other accessories

STAY LIGHT WITH BROWN and its different shades, for a little bit of "earth" and a little bit of rock n' roll.

I am more of a “black” person that I am “brown,” but I’ve seen the difference shades of brown make to an outfit, compared to shades of black.

Brown is less “heavy,” and the vibe it gives off is fresh, light and grounded. It is simple and, well, earthy.

WOVEN BELTS ARE A summer staple. Combine it with red (a holiday staple) and you get a different combination that'll show off your unconventional style.

GOING MONOCHROMATIC WITH ACCESSORIES that contrast or complement your clothes is a good way of looking fresh all day. 

IF BLACK IS UNAVOIDABLE, lighten up your look with gold. It'll make your skin look good, too.

There are fashion trends, yes, and it pays to know what they are, but it’s a reality that not all trends are good for everyone.

Sometimes it’s better to stick to the basic and the timeless — especially if the outrageous is not your personality — else you risk looking like a fashion victim or a poser.

Taste varies, style is personal. What applies to everyone, especially in today’s tough economy, is that accessories can and will expand anyone’s wardrobe come rain, come shine. – 

(Photography by Cholo dela Vega. Modeled by Pauline Prieto. Accessories from Tomato.)

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