KFC’s Cheese Top Burger makes it to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Is it the dumbest idea ever or a great idea to grab some attention?

CHEESE ON TOP. Jimmy Kimmel Live parodies KFC and Pinoys.

MANILA, Philippines – Jimmy Kimmel Live, the longest-running late-night talk show in ABC’s history, has parodied Kentucky Fried Chicken Philippines’ latest product, its Cheese Top Burger.

Described as the “first and only cheese topped bun burger,” the fried chicken patty sandwich has garlic Parmesan dressing and a square slice of cheese atop the bun. The latest product of KFC Philippines has been criticized as dumb and illogical, and merited a commercial production on Jimy Kimmel Live!

Inane, creative, or disgusting, the new sandwich has also created some buzz on Facebook, with some saying “Yum” or that it’s the “dumbest idea ever.”

Yet, the cheese top burger, has also made it to 9Gag, where “KFC logic” likewise attracted commentary.

Vlad Arhipov said, “This has to be the most retarded idea of all time,” while Lionel Uehara Uy reacted, “Genius! Now we only need to put the tomato and lettuce on top…” – Rappler.com

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