IN PHOTOS: Mickey Mouse through the years

Alexa Villano
IN PHOTOS: Mickey Mouse through the years
Visiting Hong Kong soon? Here's one spot to check out.

HONG KONG – Mickey Mouse is turning 90!

The beloved character created by Walt Disney is set to celebrate his birthday on November 18. In anticipation of his special day, Time Square in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong tied up with the Walt Disney Archives to show Mickey’s evolution through the years with 90 Years of Mickey Exhibition. 

The exhibit, which opened last September 21, features 83 raw pictures, drawings, statuettes, merchandises and sketches of Mickey in movies like his debut in Steamboat Willy and Fantasia, plus comic books and photos of Walt Disney.

90 Years of Mickey Exhibition is open until October 31.

FIRST APPEARANCE. Mickey Mouse is introduced to the world via 'Steamboat Willy.'


FANTASIA. One of the photos of Mickey Mouse from the movie 'Fantasia.'


BLACK AND WHITE. Another black and white Mickey Mouse on display in Time Square.


ROUGH SUGGESTS. Sketches of Mickey from the animation of 'Rough Suggests.'


BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR. A draft sketch of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in 'Brave Little Tailor.'


EVOLUTION. A filmstrip of Mickey's evolution through the years.


RED SHORTS. Mickey's famous red shorts and yellow shoes.


TIMELESS. A portrait of Mickey Mouse by  John Hench.


THE MAN. Walt Disney adding his signature next to Mickey's drawing in a photo from the archives.


A LEGEND. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse from the Walt Disney Archives.


DRUMLINE. Mickey's different statuettes at Time Square can be viewed until October 31.

WALT'S LEGACY. A quote from Walt Disney.

CREATOR. Mickey Mouse is seen drawing Walt Disney.


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