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[Kitchen 143] From painting, to sculpture, to crypto art: The many colors of Carlos

Michelle Aventajado
[Kitchen 143] From painting, to sculpture, to crypto art: The many colors of Carlos
'We are hoping to familiarize the local art market further and provide seamless ways to collect and display crypto art,' says Galeria Paloma director Kimberly Delgado

MANILA, Philippines – The Colors of Carlos is an art exhibition featuring paintings, sculpture, and NFTs by the artist Carlos. The exhibit launched on July 8th  and will run until the 12th of the month in the North Court of Power Plant Mall. This exhibit is the first in a series of four installments by Galeria Paloma where the Rocha sisters will be bridging the gap between art that is familiar and the emerging genre of crypto art. 

EXHIBIT. The Colors of Carlos can be viewed from July 8th to the 12th in the North Court of the Power Plant Mall. Photo by Galeria Paloma
Art by Carlos

Carlos is a painter and sculptor who is known for his courageous use of bold colors, depicting scenes and landscapes that evoke emotion. In his mind’s eye he places himself in each of the vistas he paints with the one he loves. 

 Of Hearts and Blooms, 26×44 Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy of Galeria Paloma

Carlos discovered his artistic expression when he gifted his first sculpture to his wife in the early ’70s. Since then, he has continued to honor and depict “the nobility of hard work” through these sculptures, while painting in vibrant primary and secondary colors to create stories that unfold through his imagination.

ALL IN THE FAMILY. The Rocha sisters, Mia, Kimberly, and Georgiam continue the legacy of their momma’s affinity for the arts through Galeria Paloma. Photo by Angel Palanca

The Colors of Carlos brings him full-circle as an artist. His first exhibit as a full-time artist sold out within minutes and was also held in Power Plant Mall almost 20 years ago. While he may not create sculpture as often, this showcase offers a few pieces from his archives which will be exhibited for the first time.

THE FISHERMAN’S HARVEST. “It is not to display the toil of labor. I am most interested in depicting the nobility of hard work. There’s a joy, a camaraderie, even, in working arm-in-arm with others to fulfill a task,” says Carlos. Photo by Galeria Paloma 
Carlos goes crypto

The natural evolution of Carlos’ work to go digital came from a suggestion to explore another way to celebrate his 72nd birthday in February. Through his collaboration with graphic designer Isaiah Cacnio, Carlos invites viewers to “step into” the expressionist scenes he envisions. He pushes beyond the boundaries of a traditional canvas by adding movement to his art through the added dimension of time. Because ownership of NFTs is documented, the historical background of each piece is available to the public and collectors can view the history on the Ethereum blockchain through Foundation.

Art for all

Galeria Paloma will be showcasing the arts and talents of international and Filipino artists through three more exhibitions that merge these two art forms. Focusing on exhibitions, education, and empowerment through the work that they do in the community, Galeria Paloma aims to serve up high-caliber art in bite-sized pieces to reach a wider audience. Part of this objective includes hosting exhibitions in high-foot traffic areas to shift perspectives, thereby providing opportunities for all to enjoy the artists they collaborate with.

CHU, PINUGU, LAUCHENGCO. Sisters Georgia Rocha Chu and Mia Rocha Lauchengco flank co-founder and executive director of Mano Amiga, Lynn Pinugu, at the opening of The Colors of Carlos. Photo by Galeria Paloma
Mano Amiga

Beyond working with artists in all phases of their careers, Galeria Paloma values sustainable solutions to affect social change. Through their partnership with Mano Amiga, a portion of the proceeds from The Colors of Carlos‘ will empower and educate underprivileged children. “Providing scholarships for children from low-income families will help students bounce back from the learning loss and receive the quality education they need and deserve,” says Lynn Pinugu, Mano Amiga co-founder and executive director.

SAMSUNG EXECS. L-R: Ron Matas, Premium TV Product Marketing Manager; Isabelle Kim, AV Marketing Communications Manager; TS Lee, AV Southeast Asia Manager; Allaine Dela Paz, Sound Device Product Marketing Manager; Mahir Al-Rubah, AV Product Marketing Head; Phoebe Villamayor, AV Sales Area Head; Charlene Tan, AV Key Account Manager; Brian Yim, AV Business Director 
Innovative art at home

“Crypto art is not meant to displace the traditional art forms, like painting or sculpting, but rather broadening what we consider art and how we secure art in this new digital era. We are hoping to familiarize the local art market further and provide seamless ways to collect and display crypto art,” says gallery director Kimberly Delgado. 

Finding new ways to appreciate digital art includes Samsung The Frame TVs. The Frame is Samsung’s Lifestyle TV designed to deliver incredible resolution through an elevated design. Galeria Paloma’s partnership with Samsung Philippines provides discerning art collectors opportunities to display their collected digital artworks in a way that is both seamless and inspiring.

The Colors of Carlos is not only the first installment of the four-part series mounted by Galeria Paloma, it is an open invitation for viewers to experience Carlos’ works and create an understanding of the art world’s newest expression, NFT’s. –

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