Pots, prints, portraits! 6 local IG artists to commission for customized art pieces

Juno Reyes
Pots, prints, portraits! 6 local IG artists to commission for customized art pieces

ART. Local illustrators and artists on Instagram take commissions for personalized art pieces.

Photos from Rawhide x Skins, Anushbanush, Tofu Sisig's Instagram pages

These Filipino talents can customize clay pots and portraits of your pets, loved ones, and favorite game characters in their own unique art style

MANILA, Philippines – While Instagram started out as a mere photo-sharing platform, many artists have taken to the popular social media app to showcase their creative prowess by sharing their artwork, handicrafts, sculptures, and more to a wide audience.

Art on Instagram has evolved – before, the only kinds of art we often saw were more traditional, using paint, colored pencils, oil pastel, crayons, and the like. But art in different mediums, trends, and styles have now become commonplace, and did you know that you can actually commission these artists to draw YOU, your loved ones, friends, or even your pets in their own unique art style? 

Digital art isn’t the only used medium out there – this list features a diverse pool of local artists on Instagram that can create customized art pieces in other mediums, like watercolor, ceramics, and even clay!

Angela Lazy Doodles

Looking for an adorable chibi portrait to use as your social media profile picture? @angelazydoodles might just be the artist you’re looking for!

Her rates start at P500 for icon commissions, while full-body chibi characters start at P1,000. For more detailed piece requests, you may send a direct message on Instagram. 

Staying true to the tagline of “[creating] cute things,” Angela also offers a variety of originally designed keychains, washi tape rolls, art prints, tote bags, clay earrings, and so much more! 


Nush of @anushbanush also creates chibi art, just with a more vibrant color palette. Her commission rates start at $30 per chibi icon, but she only opens a few slots at a time, so be sure to stay posted on her Instagram page!

Ever wondered what you would look like as a comic book character? Look no further! Nush also accepts icon commissions for this art style that looks like it came straight out of a graphic novel. 

BONUS: They can create the paw-fect portraits of your precious fur babies, too! 

Sid’s Space

For warm autumn colors that evoke strong feelings of nostalgia, is your best bet! Sid usually opens three commission slots at a time. For Digital Busts, his prices range from P600 for a cartoonish icon-style portrait, to P750 for a more realistic portrait style.

Sid also offers a slice of the classics — using traditional mediums like watercolor and pencil, he can produce an intricate hand-painted artwork for you and your loved ones. 

For more details on his commission rates, head over to his page. Can’t get enough? Check out his Shopee page to purchase prints of some of his most iconic pieces, like the Filipino breakfast one.

Sisig Tofu

Are you a fan of anime and Genshin Impact? @sisigtofu is here for you! The 20-year-old illustrator called Ira creates adorable digital art pieces of her favorite anime and game characters. 

Sounds interesting? Contact her via Instagram to request for an artwork of your own! 


A versatile artist that has it all, @seajart offers chibi, anime, and semi-real style portraits! 

Seaj has also had a fair share of fan art commissions, so if you’re looking to have your very own art piece of you with your favorite actor or game character, this is the place to be. SEAJ is also open to commissions for NSFW pieces if you’re feeling spicy. 

Rawhide x Skins Home Decor

Rawhide x Skins is a home decor store that offers custom-made personalized clay pots!

Aside from painted, usually faceless portraits of you and your partner, family, or friends, the Instagram store also offers paw-traits, the perfect way to remember our pets (and those who have crossed the rainbow bridge).

Shoot them an Instagram direct message to get your hands on your very own personalized pot. –

Juno Reyes is a Rappler intern.

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