Organize your home: How to fix your kitchen pantry

MANILA, Philippines – The pantry is your kitchen's supply center. It could consist of the two cupboards over your stove or a full on walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw, but with semolina instead of shoes. Some of us have not actually seen the backs of our pantries since coffee sprinkles were a thing. So you have to hand it to the ladies of Mothers Who Brunch for making an absolutely delightful morning out of something so mundane.  

MWB's Pantry Party was held at the display room of Häcker kitchen at the Fort Strip. Upon entering you are greeted by beautiful shelves, islands and fixtures from the German brand. Dreamy stuff like lazy susans inside your cabinets. You’ll never have to dive into your stash ever again. I myself covet the trash bin that pops out from under the sink. 

First up in the morning’s activities was brunch, a bright, tasty spread courtesy of Yogi Brunch. As we sit munching on salads and pasta, we take in the fully stocked and meticulously arranged pantry that is the room's centerpiece. Showcased in the display is Lock and Lock's latest set of products called the Easy Match line. Dried pasta, cereal, grains, baking products, and snacks have all been transferred into individual containers and labeled. They are stackable so you have full use of your vertical space. And most importantly, these are 100 percent airtight – keeping the creepy crawlies out and the crunch and freshness in. If you've been cramming your chips and cereal in the fridge to keep them crisp, this is a great thing.    


Check out the lock and locks

To further inspire pantry rehabilitation, we were shown video featuring the latest kitchen advances from Häcker, Philips, and Ariston. Guests were asked to talk about their personal pantry essentials, which, for this particular group of moms, foodies, and writers, are canned goods, pasta, cereal and spices. 

After brunch and talks, everyone was divided into groups for a good old-fashioned cook-off. The challenge is of course to use what is available in the pantry to make the best meal possible. Team leaders are quickly chosen and they literally took stock of what was at hand and decided on what dishes to make. Tasks are assigned and everyone is happy to prep and cook for the next 45 minutes. When your pantry is well supplied and organized, that’s just about enough time to get some great food out. Pasta, couscous, and tacos were the main fare, with additional side dishes and desserts for good measure.  The dishes were then artfully presented because a flat lay is part of the fun.

This goes to show how a well-organized pantry can save you a lot of time and energy. Something to keep in mind and get done now that the holidays are upon us! –

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