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IN PHOTOS: A pun-tastic day of music, art, and comedy at Linya-Linya Land 2023!

Micah Go

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IN PHOTOS: A pun-tastic day of music, art, and comedy at Linya-Linya Land 2023!

Micah Go/Rappler

Created by the art and pun-powered merchandise brand Linya-Linya, the festival finally makes its comeback

MANILA, Philippines – Through a surprisingly enjoyable mix of musical and comedic performances, alongside a stellar showcase of visual arts, Linya-Linya Land 2023 delivered a refreshing live event offering unlike anything I’d personally experienced before.

Created by the art and pun-powered merchandise brand Linya-Linya, the festival, originally mostly music-centered, had its first iteration back in 2019. This year, Linya-Linya Land finally made its long-awaited second coming last Saturday, August 26.

Advertisement, Poster, Architecture
SETLIST. The musical acts that performed at the festival. Micah Go/Rappler

Despite the gloomy weather that day, not even the threat of a downpour could stop the hundreds who flocked to the iconic 123 Block in Mandaluyong City for a day of local art and merchandise and live entertainment for all ages. 

People, Person, Urban
BIG CROWD. Attendees clearly had a lot of fun. Micah Go/Rappler

Co-presented by Gabi Na Naman Productions, the event not only served as a gathering of people eager for live music, comedy, and art, but it also served as a platform to support Linya-Linya Land 2023’s chosen advocacy partners. These partners include the Angat Buhay Foundation, the Bantayog ng Mga Bayani, and the AHA Learning Center

For the day’s live entertainment, Linya-Linya Land 2023 conjured up an enjoyable mix of five stand-up comedians and five musical acts, resulting in a well-rounded and one-of-a-kind gig experience.

For comedy, the Linya-Linya Land 2023 crowd was treated to quick yet impactful sets from Jeleen Cubillas, Victor Anastacio, Nonong Ballinan, James Caraan, and GB Labrador.

Person, Adult, Male
JELEEN. Stand-up comic Jeleen Cubillas performs. Micah Go/Rappler
Performer, Person, Solo Performance
VICTOR. Stand-up comic Victor Anastacio performs. Micah Go/Rappler
Adult, Male, Man
NONONG. Stand-up comic Nonong Ballinan performs. Micah Go/Rappler
Lighting, Performer, Person
JAMES. Stand-up comic James Caraan performs. Micah Go/Rappler
Leisure Activities, Music, Musical Instrument
GB. Stand-up comic GB Labrador performs. Micah Go/Rappler

I quite enjoyed this segment of the event and it was also my first time witnessing stand-up comedy in person. What I liked the most about it was that it didn’t feel repetitive, with each of the comedians joking about different yet equally relatable topics such as family matters, social issues, and love, with some self-deprecating jabs here and there.

For music, returning to the Linya-Linya Land stage, there were Autotelic and Cheats; the former beautifully kickstarted the musical portion of the night and the latter effortlessly got the crowd to rock out to their songs.

Concert, Crowd, Person
AUTOTELIC. The band performs onstage. Micah Go/Rappler
Concert, Crowd, Person
CHEATS. The band performs onstage. Micah Go/Rappler

Also returning to the Linya-Linya Land stage was Johnoy Danao, who brought a small string section to accompany him for a special intimate set. 

Concert, Crowd, Person
JOHNOY DANAO. An intimate set with the singer-songwriter. Micah Go/Rappler

Joining these three were Nica del Rosario and Ebe Dancel, whose sets elicited some of the most emotional sing-alongs from the crowd that night.

Guitar, Musical Instrument, Concert
NICA DEL ROSARIO. A woman and her guitar. Micah Go/Rappler
Concert, Crowd, Person
EBE DANCEL. Ebe captivates the audience. Micah Go/Rappler

Last was DJ Ayel Mari, who properly capped off the night with nostalgia-inducing pop and rock tracks.

Adult, Male, Man
DJ. DJ Ayel Mari spinning to close the night. Micah Go/Rappler

It is also worth noting that, in an unusual but welcome move, the live performances actually started off in the afternoon with an hour-long open mic session. This was also a mixed showcase of stand-up comedy and music. Performers included the likes of comedy collective Lady Boses, and the band Fox, whose dreamy sound brought color to the cloudy afternoon.

Concert, Crowd, Person
LADY BOSES. Women comedians take the stage. Micah Go/Rappler
Stage, Concert, Crowd
FOX. The band takes the open mic stage. Micah Go/Rappler

For art, there were visual artists from different disciplines showcasing their works. This included AG Saño and Panch Alvarez, whose mural pieces painted on the same day were auctioned off to event-goers, with the proceeds being directly given to the event’s advocacy partners.

Adult, Male, Man
AG AND PANCH. The artists do on-the-spot murals. Micah Go/Rappler

Also present were illustrator and comic creator Rob Cham,

Adult, Female, Person
ROB. Artist Rob Cham does a live portrait. Micah Go/Rappler

cartoonist and the creator of Pugad Baboy Pol Medina Jr.,

Face, Happy, Head
POL. Pol Medina, creator of ‘Pugad Baboy.’ Micah Go/Rappler

as well as jeepney signage painter Edwin Tayao who also took commissions on the spot from many festival-goers.

Clothing, T-Shirt, Furniture
SIGNS. Edwin Tayao does on the spot sign art. Micah Go/Rappler

Of course, Linya-Linya Land 2023 wouldn’t be complete without Linya-Linya merchandise.

Clothing, Shorts, Bag
BAG. A Linya-Linya tote bag. Micah Go/Rappler
Adult, Female, Person
MERCH. The Linya Linya merch table. Micah Go/Rappler
Fence, Person, Adult
HOLD ON. A Linya-Linya paper bag. Micah Go/Rappler

Other merchandise and products were available from the event’s advocacy partners and fellow local merchants, such as Baybayin Bags.

Adult, Female, Person
ANGAT. The Angat Buhay merch table. Micah Go/Rappler
Clothing, Footwear, Shoe
NEVER AGAIN. Merch from the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation. Micah Go/Rappler
Clothing, Shorts, Person
TOTES. Toes and other bags for sale. Micah Go/Rappler

Overall, Linya-Linya Land 2023 was a nice change of pace from the usual music festivals I go to. The highlight of the experience for me was definitely the properly curated combination of comedy and music sharing one big stage. I was honestly unsure of it before going into the event, but Linya-Linya Land 2023 made it work and it definitely left me wanting more. 

Next year again, perhaps?

But before that, revisit the magic of Linya-Linya Land 2023 through more photos below!

Urban, Adult, Male
DANCE. Festival-goers groove to the music. Micah Go/Rappler
Person, Face, Head
FINISHED. Panch Alvarez’s and AG Saño’s finished murals. Micah Go/Rappler
Face, Happy, Head
JELEEN CUBILLAS. The comedienne throws a peace sign. Micah Go/Rappler
Concert, Crowd, Person
AUTOTELIC. The band performs onstage. Micah Go/Rappler
Clothing, T-Shirt, Face
INTELLECTWALWAL. Comedian Victor Anastacio hams it up. Micah Go/Rappler
Urban, Lighting, Concert
NICA DEL ROSARIO. Nica serenading the crowd. Micah Go/Rappler
Performer, Person, Solo Performance
UKELELE. Comedian Nonong Ballinan shows off a uke. Micah Go/Rappler
Concert, Crowd, Person
JOHNOY DANAO. Johnoy always playing it cool. Micah Go/Rappler
Head, Person, Face
JAMES CARAAN. James shows off his Linya-Linya tee. Micah Go/Rappler
Concert, Crowd, Person
CHEATS. The band performs onstage. Micah Go/Rappler
Clothing, T-Shirt, Head
KALMA. GB Labrador gets cornered into a photo. Micah Go/Rappler
Concert, Crowd, Person
EBE DANCEL. The singer-songwriter croons to the crowd. Micah Go/Rappler


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