Your horoscope for December 2017 is here!

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Your horoscope for December 2017 is here!
Mercury is in retrograde this December! Find out how your sign can avoid miscommunication and misfortune before the New Year

Know the times. Be in rhythm with the heavens. These monthly horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. Read the horoscopes for both your sun sign and your rising sign – your rising sign is how you interact with the world and your sun sign is your personality. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

Here are the important dates to remember for December 2017:  

On December 3 to 4, there will be the full moon, expect incredible energy. 

From December 3 to December 22, Mercury will be in retrograde. Mercury, the planet that rules all types of communication and transportation appears to be going backward. At this time, expect the unexpected. Things are bound to get a little weird and confusing. Computers, phones, and planes go slightly off, causing some delay.  

In the heavens, there will be no planets in the air signs, so this is not the best time for verbal communication. This requires us to take action and write our to-do lists because Mercury in retrograde and the absence of planets in air can be challenging.  

On December 9, Mars leaves Libra and enters Scorpio and stays there for a month. It is much more comfortable here, since Mars, Aries’ current ruling planet, was the original ruler of Scorpio.

On December 16, 6 planets will be in fire – a very rare occurrence. Fire is the activating energy, so expect a lot of fire, force, oomph, and all that jazz. The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will all be in fire sign Sagittarius. 

On December 16 to 17, the new moon, things will get a bit more quiet – grab the opportunity, as this is the perfect time to do your Christmas shopping when things are more settled in the heavens.  

Jupiter entered Scorpio last October 10, and Jupiter in Scorpio is trining Neptune in Pisces. They are in a perfect relationship to each other. It is the perfect time to understand the other world, feel things, dance with the magical realms, and talk to dead people (just kidding!). 

Saturn in Sagittarius is trining Uranus in Aries. This means that there is a harmonious relationship between them. Saturn is structure and discipline; Uranus is astrology. It is the time to bring the future into the earth at the present time, making a bridge to connect our world of ideas to the practical and concrete. 

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

With the sun in your expansive and hopeful 9th house, you’ll be able to weather this storm of Christmas energy unscathed. It’s a good time to travel, learn a new language, immerse yourself in a exotic culture.

On December 2, the expansive Jupiter will form a trine with soulful Neptune (a harmonious aspect), making an emphasis on reaching out and going the extra mile to give what we have. It is time to break the boundaries you have made, separate yourself from them, and open up to genuine giving. Jupiter in Scorpio is in the 8th house of secrets and transformation and is in comfortable placement with Neptune in Pisces in the 12th house of dreams. Now is the time to listen and acknowledge your emotional body, to be honest with yourself and what it is you really want. 

December 3, the Full Moon, resides in the 3rd house of communication. This is the time plans may come to fruition, long awaited news arrives, and you decide whether or not to pursue a certain project. In any case, starting December 3 until December 22, it is a good time to slow down and observe care in conversation as Mercury goes retrograde. As is it ruling the 9th house, travel plans may be affected, so make sure tickets booked and travel insurance are double checked!

December 16 to 17 is the New Moon in Sagittarius – firing you up with optimism and inspiration. What a great time to make those resolutions that you will keep for the next 6 months. On December 19, Saturn enters Capricorn in your 10th house of career. For the next 3 years, your success will be in the forefront. You will be receiving valuable lessons in your career, and certainly not easy ones, as Saturn is the great disciplinarian, pushing you to be the better version of yourself. Anything that is worth it never comes easy.

Question to ask yourself: how can I use my success to be of service? Now is the time to set intentions for the first full moon of the year on January 1. Kick off the year by being as energizing and inspiring as you can be!

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

With the sun in your 8th house of money, depth, and private matters, this is a good time to lay low and give priority to projects that require intense focus or on one-on-one relationships. Jupiter in Scorpio is ruling the 7th house of partnerships, adding a desire to really connect, and for a meaningful relationship with another. Expansive Jupiter in the 7th house of one-one-one relationships forms a harmonious aspect with ethereal Neptune in the 11th house of friendships on December 2 bringing about focus on partnering. There is a chance of meeting someone significant through a mutual friend or a party. Since the 11th house represents technology and the internet, you may meet this significant other through a click of a button – update those Tinder and Grindr apps now! This is the time to allow yourself to open up to the unexpected as well as to bring people together, acting as matchmaker or networker.

On December 3 when Mercury enters retrograde in your 8th house, be extra cautious of your private information – passwords, credit card numbers, and confidential files are at risk. Change your passwords and ensure your privacy is protected. The 8th house is also the house of possessions – when Mercury seemingly slows down and threatens the things that you hold dear. Try not to let defensiveness and jealousy get the best of you. Communicate things that you’ve swept under the rug in previous relationships and summon the courage to be vulnerable and to work on trust issues.

On December 3, the full moon dwells in your second house of work and money. There is a chance of receiving a bonus for the hard work you’ve been giving for a project in the past year. This is also a good time to stand your ground and recognize your worth, to be able to say no in the times people seem to be taking advantage of you.

On December 16 to 17, the new moon is in Sagittarius, with 6 planets in this fire sign, challenging you to look for clarity in financial and emotional and intimate ties.

Question to ask yourself: who are the ones who really deserve my love and to be part of my special circle? As Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, after 3 years of struggling and maturing from emotional bonds and finances, things are looking much brighter for you, Taurus. In the 9th house of expansion, expect to be focusing on your growth. Plan out that venture you are planning to launch and take those small necessary steps to turn it into the long term business you’ve always dreamed of. Being in the 9th house, this is a great time for travel and further studies as well. 

On the full moon in January 1, communicate your plans and visions to those that matter, and allow your tribe to cheer you on.  

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

With the sun in your 7th house, it is the perfect time to be evaluating, or rather, re-evaluating your relationships. Who are the trusted friends who really belong to your circle?

When expansive Jupiter in Scorpio in the house of service forms a harmonious with compassionate Neptune in the house of career on December 2, the question to ask is this: how can I use my career and successes to serve and give back? It is time to pay things forward, to express gratitude to our teachers, friends, families, who have helped us get to where we are.

On December 3 to 4, you will be under the spotlight as the full moon shifts to Gemini. Reap what you have sowed. Full moons are known for bringing endings or transitions to something greater. It is the perfect opportunity now, Gemini, to speak up about what your needs are, and to be loud about it, to bring you to greater heights or end ties that are no longer serving you.

As any Gemini twin would already, there is always a contradiction in all things. On December 3 until December 22, Mercury, the planets that rules Gemini, will go retrograde, causing miscommunication and confusion around us. Just when you are given the opportunity to finally speak up, it is suddenly taken away. Such is the duality of life, Gemini. Surely, though, this does not come as a surprise. Observe caution in your interactions with others as the area of relationships is what is affected by this retrograde. Relationships from the past may make a comeback and this will be a time to decide whether they can still be salvaged or if it is time to move on. A little extra care in communication and explaining your ideas never hurt.

From December 16 to 17, the new moon will be in Sagittarius in the 7th house or partnership as well. What a great time to start a new in relationship. Yes, you are ready Gemini, but only as soon as you make a decision to commit.

On December 19, Saturn orbits to Capricorn in the 8th house of intimacy. Establishing boundaries before jumping into a relationship is vital to its success. For the next 3 years, growth in spirituality, money management, and long term relationships will be the focus of your life. It’s a good time for healing work, working on yourself, going deep, and getting acquainted with your shadow side. As Carl Jung  puts it, “the first test of human courage is the ability to become aware of one’s unknown. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

On the full moon on January 1, channel energy into pulling out emotion and acknowledging your true feelings. Set the new year intentions in the company of family and friends. 

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

With the sun in your 6th house of tasks and service, avoid taking in too much responsibility. Although you love to be of service, there is a high possibility of burn out by spreading yourself too thin. Learn to delegate, chill, and take a break!

During the Mercury retrograde period from December 3 until December 22 in your 6th house of work, misunderstandings may occur in the workplace. Be sure to backup important files and manage the collective stress. Take care of your health as well during this period, as the 6th house rules well-being and self-care.

On December 2, when Jupiter in Scorpio is in your 5h house of self-expression, and Neptune in Pisces in in your 9th house to opportunity, doors will be open to you if you learn to develop and communicate the true expression of yourself.

On the full moon on December 3 to 4, the theme of endings and healing is emphasized by the 12th house. The lesson is to let go of what you have been told to hold on to so tightly and to focus on you. To rest. To do nothing on purpose. To live the questions for now and know that the answers will come in the right time. 

On December 16 to17, the New Moon will be resting in the 6th house of wellness. This New Moon pushes you to reassess your habits, to get into a lifestyle of wellness. Sign up for that gym membership, those crossfit and yoga classes.

When Saturn moves to Capricorn on December 19 for the next 3 years, the focus of your life will be on partnerships – on weeding out those relationships that dull your spirits and creating healthy, balanced ties. Ask yourself: how can I let go of what no longer serves me? 

On January 1, the full moon is in your sign, Cancer. What a great way to start off the year by spending it in an intimate setting in the company of your treasured few before going out for a party. Relax and go with the flow.

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

There is so much going on in the heavens for you, Leo. Once again, you never fail to outshine us all. With the sun in your 5th house of fame and self-expression you’ve got that extra dose of chi, that extra dose of romance. It is finally time for that much needed fun after keeping things on the down low.

On December 2, when Jupiter in intense Scorpio in the house of family forms a harmonious aspect with soulful Neptune in Pisces in the 8th house of depth and intimacy, the urge to merge with a twin flame or soulmate becomes so real. It becomes easy to access deep emotions, so let them flow and write or journal if you have trouble verbalizing them.

On December 3, the full moon in Gemini resides in the 11th house of community and the internet. It is time to stand up, stand out, and be the humanitarian who has fun improving people’s lives. Get involved in a cause you feel strongly about, start an online campaign, and exert you influence at this time.

Things get a little bit twisted when Mercury goes retrograde on December 3 in the 5th house of fame and romance. An ex-lover may come back into your life causing much confusion. Disagreements are likely to ensue. Be careful of posts you make public and pause before responding to haters or trolls that are just killing your vibe. Choose to act with integrity and understanding.

On December 16 to 17 the New Moon in Sagittarius rests in your 5th house yet again. With the moon, sun, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn, all coming out in Sagittarius to play, it becomes a cosmic party. It is a great time to set intentions for the new year and put your talent and ideas on display. What a perfect time in the heavens to be seen. Maybe post that Instagram photo or change your profile picture that day – just a few suggestions.

On December 19, when Saturn moves into Capricorn after 3 years of you working more than exploring and playing, you definitely feel more grounded in terms of your relationships and career path. You’ve built the foundation to allow you to share your ideas and voice with the world. Now though, with Saturn in the 6th house, it is time to pay more attention to your health. Quit reinforcing your bad habits; it’s time for a lifestyle change. Slow down, practice mindfulness – join a yoga class, take a course on mindfulness meditation, whatever floats your boat. Ask yourself: how can I practice self-love and self-care? It’s okay to let someone else steer the chariot while you focus on yourself. 

On January 1, 4 planets move to Capricorn – the ruler of structure and discipline. Make some time for reflection and meditation before going out to party. This is the year to amplify health consciousness and the desire to make a wellness plan and stick to it.  

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

With the sun in your 4th house, home where your heart is this Christmas season. You will want to just stay home, bury yourself in silky bedsheets, do crafts, play with kids, and just relax.

On December 3 until 22, Mercury in Retrograde could cause confusion and arguments in the household. Remain level-headed and remember the fog will clear up before Christmas. It would be a good idea to back up your photos and save computer work as Mercury in retrograde tends to make gadgets crash and lines of transportation to delay.

On December 2, Jupiter will be in harmonious relations with Neptune resulting in harmony in the areas of communication and relationship. You will begin to feel more open with other people, possibly even attract like-minded people, and have enjoyable conversation. It is advisable to team up with the a tribe that has the same vision, as this will help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

From December 3 to 4, the full moon will be in the sign of Gemini in the area of success. There is a possibility of promotion if you have been consistently working hard. Full moons, after all, bring about endings or transition to a better beginning. In this transit, you’ll come to realize hints of your purpose if you listen well enough: what you want to do for a living, and what you will endure to get to where you want to be.

On December 16 to 17, the new moon will be in Sagittarius with lots of fire in the heavens. This is a great time to a fresh start for family ties that have been severed and for your emotions. When Saturn was in Sagittarius, you already made improvements in your life which taught you how to be and feel more comfortable in your own body, in your own skin. Ask yourself: how can I learn to be still with my own thoughts and accept that I am enough? This transit is much more comfortable, since Capricorn is an earth sign like Virgo. There is possibility for the rise to fame and the start of a new career. 

On January 1, the stars have aligned so that you can freely enjoy yourself to go out, celebrate, and party!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

With the sun in your 3rd house of communication, you’ll be the social butterfly that is able to balance, like the typical Libra, work and play.

However, Mercury in retrograde dampens your spirits and calls for you to listen more. From December 3 until December 22, always triple check that what you have said is understood correctly. Since Mercury is slowing down in Sagittarius and the interpersonal 3rd house, you may be feeling widely misunderstood. Patience with your circle of friends, family, and colleagues will come in handy in this time. Old issues may resurface causing you to feel past hurts you thought were already resolved. Use this period as an opportunity to re-everything. Reconnect with an old friend; plan a reunion with your high school or college barkada. Reorganize, revisit, and reassess your actions to help you make better decisions. This period is not a curse, but a time for you to learn to go slow and reacquaint yourself with living in the here and now instead of rushing into things and getting things done for the sake of it.

On December 2, Jupiter in Scorpio in the house of wealth and progress trines with Neptune in Pisces in the house of service and sacrifice. The question to ask yourself: am I making a difference through my work? How can I get paid and serve a purpose? The word of the month is service. It is the reason to give back to those who have supported us along the way.

On December 3 to 4, the full moon in Gemini rests on the 9th house. This is where the idealist meets the adventurer. Now is the ideal time to let go of self-doubt and take that leap of faith. The only thing to do is jump over the moon! What an auspicious time to travel, teach, study, and get your work published.

From December 16 to 17, the new moon in Sagittarius is in your 3rd house of communication. Decisions here will affect you for the next 6 months. With fire planets dominating the night sky, it’s the perfect opportunity to plant seeds for a creative project in your home and community.

On December 19, when Saturn moves into Capricorn after 3 years of being in Sagittarius, we may feel tension. This is not the lightest placement, since Capricorn squares Libra, with differences in approaches and goals, creating a tension. Saturn is in the 4th house for you libra, making it a good time to adjust your living situation and family ties by being more mature in your dealings with your family instead of playing the role of the victim, the whining child bringing back old wounds and patterns.

For the full moon on January 1, with 4 planets in earth in your 10th house of career, your mission is to materialize. Write down your desires no matter how ambitious and outrageous they may be. Everything seems impossible until it is actually done. 

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

With the sun in your second house of money, now is the time to be practical and keep grounded. It’s time to be grateful for the those little distractions that keep you away from the things you’d rather avoid – like those big family reunions you never liked attending anyway.

On December 2, Jupiter in Saturn in the first house of self trine Neptune in Pisces in the 5th house of passion, creativity, and self-expression. Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out” would make the perfect theme song for you this month. It’s your time to share your gifts and message to the world. Big and bold ideas get you noticed and brings you face. What a great time if you’re an artist, a performer, or a celebrity. This is the time to showcase You and have a party while you’re at it.

On December 3, Mercury goes retrograde until December 22, and settles in the second house of possessions. Keep close watch of your money, make a budget, as there is a tendency during this time for overspending or fraud.

Mars moves from Libra to its more comfortable placement, Scorpio, on December 9 until January 26 which will give you focus and drive.

On December 3, with the full moon in Gemini in the 8th house, there is a desire for long-term connections and relationships. Marriage proposals, long-term relationships are likely to start, however, you must be absolutely certain that it is what you desire, else the effect of the transit would be futile.

From December 16 until 17 the New Moon in Sagittarius is a good time financially. The sun, the moon, Venus, and Saturn are all in Sagittarius – the sign of expansion and accumulation of wealth in the second house. 

You have already learned to work harder in the past 3 years, when Saturn was in Sagittarius in the second house of money and material success. When Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 19, it is encourages you to become the thought leader in your own field, to develop verbal skills, lecture, write, teach, and to speak the truth but with kindness. Ask yourself: how can I be the best version of myself? 

On December 21, then the sun moves into Capricorn, it is time to go deeper, to make bigger financial decisions, to take calculated risks. With Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter until November of next year, the limelight is yours to steal. Grab the opportunity to pursue that you have always been dreaming. There is really no other day but today. 

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) 

No other sign will feel as energized as you, Sagittarius! On December 2, expansive Jupiter in Scorpio in the 12th house of forgiveness, closure, and surrender trine with dreamy Neptune in Pisces in the 4th house of home and family. You would feel a strong calling urging you to look back at your past and reconnect with your roots. The question you should be asking yourself is this: Are you genuinely content with where you live? Do you dream of moving somewhere else or perhaps transforming your home into a sanctuary to appreciate more deeply the value and comfort of family?

This December 3, Mercury will go retrograde on your first house of self. This can make you a mean machine – blurting out the truth without even thinking. This can result in many hurt feelings. This Mercury in retrograde, think first before speaking. Ask yourself, how can I speak the truth with more kindness and compassion? And if I have offended, how quickly can I say I’m sorry?

On this full moon in Gemini in the 7th house of relationships, it’s a good time to reconnect with old friends, pick up where you left off, to clear the air of past misunderstandings and start anew. The full moon is either a time for endings or for transitioning to greater things. Use this Mercury in retrograde to listen more attentively to the stirrings of the heart and to journey wherever it will lead you.

On December 16, 6 planets will be in fire signs. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn will all be in Sagittarius. It is the time to set intentions and manifest early as the stars are so much in your favor.

On December 19, the weight will finally be off your shoulders and Saturn, the planet of discipline and restriction, leaves Sagittarius and ventures into Capricorn. For the past 3 years, have you felt as if you were drafted into the military – forced to grow up, pushed into reinventing your life to become more structured and responsible? It was no fun and definitely a time of challenging circumstances – to lose a job, the death of a loved one, a break up, you definitely learned that what doesn’t kill you actually makes you thinner 🙂 You’ve come a long way, jolly Archer. Congratulations! Now is the time to start building on the foundations you’ve laid for yourself, the healthy relationships you sustained through tests of will and character. Saturn in Capricorn now will put your confidence and beliefs to the test. What is it that you really stand for? 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

With the sun in your 12th house, which represents rest, closure, and healing, the goal of this month is to patch things up and to make amends.

On December 2, Jupiter in Scorpio in the 11th house of friends will be trining Neptune in Pisces in the 3rd house of communication. At this time, you will be able to bring people together, to be a collaborator, or a matchmaker. Use social media to favor your cause, as this is an auspicious time to gain response from friends and followers without trying much.

On December 3, Mercury goes retrograde in the 6th house of health and perfectionism. On the same day, a full moon in Gemini occurs. Your efforts should be focused on keeping grounded. Pay attention to your health that you do not neglect it due to the confusion caused by the retrograde period. Take care of yourself and quit playing the martyr. It’s time to be selfish, to put yourself first this month. Meditate, journal, reflect, and forgive. 

On December 16 to 17, in the new moon in Sagittarius, ask yourself: what are the things that I should let go of because they no longer serve me?

December 19 is one of the best days of the year for you, as this is the day Saturn goes into Capricorn and will stay there until December 17, 2020. Whatever you do in this transit will lay the foundations for the next 29 years of your life. Having Saturn in your sign is not always easy, but if you put in the work, this will, as things always do in the end, pay off. It is time to focus, Capricorn.

On December 21, as the sun moves into your sign, the spotlight will be on you. Make your New Year’s prayer and manifest what you desire. This year is your year. 

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

With the sun in your 11th house of friendship, it is the time to open your circle of friends and meet more fascinating people, learn about different religions, study conspiracy theories, and whatnot.

On December 2, Jupiter, the planet of luck reigns in your area of profession and sits in harmony with Neptune, the planet of dreams that also reigns the area of finance. The question you should be asking yourself is this: what do you want to manifest? How do you like to feel? When you visualize what you want continously, you will get it, as the Law of Attraction rarely fails. Your sense of purpose will be much stronger this month, and so will your opinions. You are challenged this month to find what it is that needs improvement and be the first one to take action in changing it. They will follow, Aquarius.

On December 3, the full moon is in the 5th house that rules self-expression. There is nothing that should be holding you back in this transition to becoming more of who you really are. Act with passion and never forget your inner child. What a great aspect is it this month for the artists and musicians among you to attract fame and public attention.

This Mercury in retrograde, which starts on December 3, affects friendships for you. You may be offending people when speaking from an uninformed place. Observe caution when speaking passionately about things you don’t have much understanding of. Now is the time to revisit, revamp, rekindle, and review.

On December 16 to 17, the New Moon is in an area of friendships, opening you up to collaborations and promising friendships.

On December 19, as Saturn enters Capricorn, you will be faced with a choice: what will you bring and what will you let go of? Allow yourself time for introspection, facing your shadow, sitting with the uncomfortable feelings, and being open to healing. Break free from your compulsive behavior, your addictions, and tendency to escape to vices.

On December 21, as the sun moves into Capricorn, focus on consistency, in self-care, but as the new year begins don’t forget to have fun just the way you like it. 

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) 

With the sun in your 10th house of ambition and career, you want to achieve and leave a legacy before the year is through. 

On December 2, as Jupiter is in harmonious aspect with Neptune in the element of water, be honest and honor your emotions. Write them down if you are having trouble expressing or containing them. You will be drawn to travel and merge with people as this transit falls in the 9th house of philosophy and expansion. Your quest this year is to find work with purpose that serves as a bridge for people to be able to connect with each other. Neptune in Pisces is all about dreams and finding the courage to do good and to make good art.

On December 3, Mercury goes Retrograde, so it is not recommended to start on new ventures but to finish projects that are already on their way to completion. This is the time to be grateful. Write your DIY cards for thanks, reconnect with old friends and family.

Also on December 3, the full moon in Gemini rules the area of the family and home. This can bring about a change in your living situation – have you been thinking of moving? Or perhaps purchasing a new place for yourself.

On December 16 to 17, the New Moon is in Sagittarius ruling the area of dreams and ambitions. Your goals will be at the forefront. Is it perhaps time to start anew, getting bigger and bolder goals for yourself? The question to ask yourself is this: how do I make my dreams a reality?

On December 19, Saturn moves into Capricorn. What a relief for you fish folk. Since December of 2014, you have been in a constant struggle to figure out your passions. At the same time, you may have also been developing and sharpening your skills. Now you are rewarded – the work is paying off and for the upcoming 3 years, look ahead with a smile because brighter days are ahead. –

Monica Lopez Gamboa, also known as Monch the Mystic, completed Debra Silverman’s Online Astrology Program in April 2016 and has been giving readings since. Her dream is that one day the entire country (and the world!) will be able to speak the language of the stars, not as taboo, but as an avenue for self-awareness and self-actualization. Book a reading with Monch on her website.

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