Your astrological life lesson for 2018

Monch the Mystic
Your astrological life lesson for 2018
What is Saturn telling you about the year ahead?

In astrology, Saturn is the planet of wisdom and karma, teaching us lessons that continue to repeat themselves until they have been mastered. It forces us to ask the tough questions – who am I? Why am I here? What is there to live for? Saturn is not kind. It is a directive – blunt, honest, straight up. Knowing your Saturn can help describe your destiny and carve out your purpose. 

How do you find your Saturn sign? 

  1. Go to
  2. Click free horoscopes.
  3. Scroll down and click “Natal Chart, Ascendant.” For guest users, click here to go to the data entry page.
  4. Enter your details then click continue.

Saturn in Aries

You are here to be a fighter against all odds. You are here to stand up for yourself and for others. 

A lot of the time, you prefer to keep the peace, sacrificing your own voice for the sake of others. You need to learn that it is okay to be feisty, loud, and strong. Your life lesson is to fight for love and to nurture your relationships instead of leaving and being the lone wolf. In this life, you are the leader and you have the power to wake us up.

Saturn in Taurus

You are here to slow down, stay grounded, and stop worrying about money. Know that it is not only about what you accomplish in this life but about how you feel. The joy is in the journey. Learn how to slow down and not feel bad about it. Like Buddha, who is the embodiment of Taurus, your life lesson is to give yourself permission to let go completely and reward yourself with the pleasure and pampering you deserve.

Saturn in Gemini

You are here to talk, take responsibility of your own thoughts, teach, study, and keep learning. You need to learn to manage the internal dialogue in your head and decide what to focus on. You life lesson is about your indecisiveness. No doubt, you will change your careers or ideas about yourself many times in this life; quit judging yourself. Journal, write, and stay aware of your thoughts. While they make up a majority of your waking hours, they are not in charge of you and do not define you. 

Saturn in Cancer

You are here to learn to nurture yourself. Ask for what you want and need. You’ll deal with family issues and will need to figure out your relationship with your parents. Your life lesson has to do with your family and with healing the wounds that were handed to you. Be careful not to get caught in memory and childhood wounds. Let go of these wounds. Take time to nurture yourself and ask for what you need. You are allowed to put yourself first. 

Saturn in Leo

You are here to stand up and stand out; learn to be at peace with your need for attention. The most outgoing people can be shy and never tell anyone. Overcome your shyness. Acknowledge that you’re good at something without external validation. It’s okay to want attention, but learn to not need it. You can be your own best cheerleader. Your life lesson is to be self-recognized; in other words, to know that you are a rockstar in your own imagination.  

Saturn in Virgo

You are here to serve, heal, analyze. You never think you’re getting it right. Put that critical self to rest and love yourself. Know that it’s okay to make mistakes. The best thing to do is to relax and to not get stuck in the details, while at the same time, maintaining the excellence you put into your work. Your life lesson is to either be selflessly in service and enjoy it or to ask for help in order to learn how to ground, organize, and be responsible in a practical way. Remember, you are enough.

Saturn in Libra

Every sign has a planet where it’s exalted, where it’s really comfortable. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Why? The greatest and hardest lesson in this life is relationships – to be with a partner, to keep your heart open. You are here to learn about relationships, to engage, to have dialogues. Commit and connect. You are here to learn about love – first, self-love. Stay true to you. It’s okay to learn mistakes through relationships. Your life lesson is to be true to yourself and stay true to the other at the same time. Do you believe you can find love? 

Saturn in Scorpio

You are here to learn to deal with the darker side and emotions, and to let go of control. Are you afraid of the dark or do you walk towards it? Be careful not to live life in fear. You’ll play with big waves, the negative, misery, and the unconscious. Face the dark and confront your fears. It’s okay to feel your emotions. Your  life lesson is to learn to face your shadow.  

Saturn in Sagittarius

You are a philosopher and a student of life. Humor is your default, for good or for bad. Travel and freedom feed you, details and the mundane starve you – but we all have to do both. You cannot just be spiritual, you need to stay on the ground level and deal with the practical as well. Be blunt, honest, and don’t hold back, seek joy. Tell the truth and do it with an open heart. Your life lesson is to acknowledge your philosophical appetite for lessons, learning, and education; to indulge and participate in life’s delights in moderation. Your gift is your humor and your ability to see the big picture. 

Saturn in Capricorn

Here is where Saturn belongs. It feels very comfortable in Capricorn. You know how to work hard, to be a leader, to have discipline – at least, sometimes. At your worst, you’re lazy. You are an extremist, a workaholic. You took on a lot of responsibility when you were younger, but the good news is you will get better as your get older. Your life lesson is to have goals, be self reliant, aim/focus and stick to the plan (especially when it gets hard). Can you acknowledge that you have a desire to be a really hard worker?

Saturn in Aquarius

You are here to learn independence, to come off the beaten path. You won’t be able to fit in, you’re eccentric and a visionary. Learn to be humble and find your curiosity. Appreciate humanity instead of judging it. Can you accept that you are different? It’s okay to be strange, goofy, and a bit detached. Your life lesson is to have the ability to stand out in a crowd, hold your truth, and charge ahead with a pioneering spirit. 

Saturn in Pisces

You are here to learn to trust your intuition and sensitivity. Learn to open and share or you will get caught in fantasy. Don’t wait for a crisis. Learning to be of service without caring about what comes back to you is your gift to us. Don’t isolate yourself from the world, and give yourself permission to indulge in your dreams and fantasies. One part of you escapes, one part of you creates. Your life lesson is either that of an artist, an idealist who sees the way the world should be and is extremely creative and magical… or that of an individual who escapes into addiction and denial, keeping secrets from themselves about the truth of their longing for connection, boundaries, and love. You must find the high road. –

Monica Lopez Gamboa, also known as Monch the Mystic, completed Debra Silverman’s Online Astrology Program in April 2016 and has been giving readings since. Her dream is that one day the entire country (and the world!) will be able to speak the language of the stars, not as taboo, but as an avenue for self-awareness and self-actualization. Book a reading with Monch on her website.

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