Your horoscope for Chinese New Year 2018, the Year of the Dog
Your horoscope for Chinese New Year 2018, the Year of the Dog
Here's what the Year of the Earth Dog is set to bring

MANILA, Philippines – The New Year celebrations aren’t over! This February 16, we celebrate Chinese New Year and ring in the Year of the Dog.

This new lunar year is an Earth Dog, and will mark the tides starting to turn, as it’s sandwiched between the previous fire and and wood years and the water and metal years to come.

The Earth Dog will bring about a return to our roots; it will be a time for meditation and contemplation. Wellness clinics will do well this year, and any industries that have to do with comfort and the feeling of home. Because the money element of wood is earth, industries that have to do with wood – creative ones like design, architecture, journalism, and the like – will do well too.

With the good also comes the bad. This Year of the Earth Dog, be wary of earth-related incidents like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. All the introspection will also lead to a very emotional year. The cure: stay close to your loved ones and your core support group, because they can help you surpass the daunting mountains.

Aside from telling us what’s to come in the year ahead, Feng Shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez also told us about our luck for the year according to our Chinese zodiac signs. You can find out your zodiac sign based on the year you were born here.

If your zodiac sign won’t have the best luck this year, don’t fret! The signs according to the year you were born only affect your external luck – your business and how you relate to your colleagues and employees. The luck of your animal sign for the month (industry and career) and the day (health and relationships) you were born will help balance out what you’ll experience in the months ahead.


Ironically, it’s not going to be the best year for Dogs. To counter your bad luck this year, be creative, think out of the box, and approach your problems differently. If your day animal is a Dog, then try to keep your emotions and temper in check. When things get too stressful, stop, take a breath, and go out – take a break by taking a walk or even going for a run.


Pigs will have great luck this year, so it’s best to take advantage of it. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do or achieve goals that have been on your resolutions list for ages. By doing this, you’ll be preparing for a not-so-great 2019, and you’ll be able to maintain the status quo in the following year.


Rats have a promotion star in their charts, which is a good sign for their careers and business. But be careful whenever you’re near water, because you may end up hurting yourself, whether you’re in the rain, or you’re by the pool, or even in your bathtub.


The Ox will have a great year, especially if he or she has a business related to women – cosmetics, fashion, and the like – because they have a “female benefactor” in their charts.


Tigers’ luck won’t be bad, but it won’t be particularly great either. To avoid your bad luck, keep moving – travel whenever you can, whether it’s for business or pleasure, and whether it’s internationally or locally. Keep an eye out for new discoveries in your travels too, as a learning star is in your charts this year.


Rabbits didn’t have such a great 2017, but 2018 is making up for it. Not only do they have a career star, but also a star of kindness – this means they’re in a great position to guide people, and help out whenever others seek out advice. To make the most of your luck, be magnanimous and generous, and fix any unresolved issues before February 16. Be careful of attracting envy over the year too!


Dragons are in direct conflict with the Dog, so they’re under a lot of pressure this year. Be cautious – be more conservative with your investments and always have a Plan B. You can also go to more positive events – parties and celebrations – and avoid negative places – funerals and hospitals – if you can.


Snakes who were frustrated last year will reap the rewards of their hard work this Year of the Dog. Make the most of it, though, because you won’t have the best 2019. Take advantage of your matchmaker and phoenix stars to find your perfect match or even to woo business partners or potential employers. You’ll have business luck too, with emperor and prosperity stars that could give you either a role expansion at work or a promotion.


Horses have a “golden treasure box” this year, which they must open by learning new things. Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself this Year of the Dog and you’ll reap all the rewards of your hard work soon.


The benevolent star in your chart, Goat, will give you the opportunity to turn things around when a situation seems hopeless, even when it’s at the last minute. As the blessings in disguise come in this year, be on your guard against gossip – be careful of what you say and do.


Monkeys won’t have the greatest luck this year, but it won’t be bad either. Try to travel as much as you can to keep the bad vibes at bay. You’re judgement will also be clouded this year, so don’t make any rash decisions. Consult a family member or your close friends before choosing a path.


This year, Rooster, take it easy and prioritize your health. Take the time to invest in yourself and your personal growth. Your career and money luck may slow down in 2018, but that’s okay – you’re preparing yourself for good things to come in 2019. –

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