Your love language according to Venus

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Your love language according to Venus
Your aren't just about your sun sign – find out your Venus sign and what it says about how you love

Valentine’s Day gives us an annual excuse to express our love in gifts and words of affection, but it shouldn’t take a holiday to put a little extra effort into our relationships. Astrology can be a useful tool for understanding what makes us and our partners tick, as well as for knowing how we express love and want to be loved – this is described by your Venus sign.

Venus represents feelings of affection, and influences attractions and the desire and capacity for love. It brings about the aspects that affect romance, marriage, intimacy, friendships, and all other things related to the great mystery called love.

How do you find your Venus sign?  All you need is an accurate birth time and location, then you can input your data here. This will tell you exactly where your Venus sign is.

Knowing your Venus sign, as well as your partner’s, can help when it comes to knowing their needs and what to do when one is feeling unappreciated. Don’t be afraid to use astrology as a tool in your relationship to open doors of understanding. 


Take it easy, headless one! You are passionate in romantic relationships yet fickle and ever in search of new and exciting conquests. You’re the fool who’ll rush in where angels fear to tread. You always think you know best, but most often your judgment is not. On the positive side, you have an enormous capacity to be completely involved in the life of another; you are wonderful as a lover, intense, passionate, giving, selfless, romantic. One of your main assets is also one of your greatest faults; you take people too much on faith. Thus, while you are open and honest, you tend to rely too heavily on appearances and to jump to conclusions. For you, your lover must be the be-all-and-end-all of your existence. You demand and need to receive absolute devotion in return or you will sorely be disappointed in love and be ever on the lookout for something better to fire your interests. Physical touch is your love language. 


The planet of love and beauty is literally at home in Taurus! You’re one of Cupid’s children, making you a hopeless romantic to the core and gifting you with a heightened artistic expression. While slow to give your affections, you are demonstrative once you have given your heart and are committed. A more steadfast partner would be almost impossible to find. Here we see an ideal – a balance and a harmony. Cuddling and giving massages are your specialty because for you, being relaxed makes you more receptive to love. The dark side of Venus in Taurus is your possessiveness and jealousy when you have the tiniest suspicion of infidelity. You expect the same devotion from your partner that you’re capable of giving. It’s not easy to get something going with a Venus in Taurus as they are slow to give their affections. If you love a Venus in Taurus, it’s wise to take it slow and try to become a habit with them first. Gradually, you endear yourself to them as they grow fond of that which is part of their environment. Love language? Quality time and gifts galore – these they can never get enough of!


Gemini got game! You’re a good conversationalist, you’re popular, and enjoy reading and traveling. However, you have one of the more complex placements of Venus. You are very changeable and fickle, love to experiment, and are never really sure where you stand. The intellectual is predominant in you, as you are ruled by your mind rather than your groin. Which is not to say that you are incapable of feeling, but love, sex, and everything romantic come to you first as purely mental things. You have the decided feeling you can be all things to all people. In short, you would like to seduce the whole world. There’s no end to your unpredictability and changeability – one day you click with someone and the next day you wont. It’s as simple as that. You have no explanations for it. He’s the one with a girl in every city, or she is the charmer driving 6 guys up the way, each one sure she is the one and only. On the bright side, with a Venus in Gemini lover, you will never get bored. Everyday is an adventure with this native as the desire to explore and experiment will never be lost. Your love language is words of affirmation.   


The home and family mean everything to you and you seek the perfect mate. You are so idealistic that you are frequently one of the most unfaithful, and sometimes even most promiscuous among your friends, which is actually opposed to your nature and principles. And settling down, though that is what your want most, is actually one of your greatest fears. Your restless moody nature will never really feel at peace until you have found the love that is the beginning and end of your existence. One thing about you is that you will never desert home except in cases where circumstances have become intolerable. You too often wear your heart on your sleeve and should be more discreet about your behavior and feelings. On a positive note, your capacity for love is enormous. Should you be fortunate enough to make the right choices in your love partner, you will be an ideal mate – sensitive, emotional, romantic, affectionate, loving, and so tender. Acts of service is your love language.


You are a born showman whenever you appear in romantic situations. Ardent in relationships, lavish, open, and good-hearted, you love to give expensive gifts, and buy flowers and jewelry. Nothing is too good for you to lavish on your loved one. This is equally true of Venus in Leo women as it is of the men. The women will go overboard buying items for their boyfriends. You are passionate, undaunted, idealistic, and possess a gregarious nature. As much as you love to give gifts, receiving them is all the better. It’s likely you have a pronounced talent in one of the arts and love to entertain and gamble. Whatever it is that you love, you put it in the spotlight. You have a strong attraction to the opposite sex and are conscious of your desirability and magnetism. Just remember to keep that ego in check, as you tend to go overboard in that soap opera love life of yours.


Well, here we go again. Virgo the virgin, chaste, pristine, refined, neat, orderly, concise clean, sincere, tasteful. Don’t you get tired of hearing how dull you are? Having Venus in Virgo isn’t so bad at all. Your strength lies in your loyalty. You are incredibly supportive partners who will stick it out when things get tough. You understand that relationships can take work and that even the best partnerships have ups and downs. You may be too analytical and prone to criticizing your partners. Remember to praise them from time to time and uplift their spirits. Not surprisingly, your love language is words of affirmation. If you win the heart of a Venus in Virgo, you’ll always feel safe and supported in the relationship. They will always be there for you. 


Here we have an ideal placement for Venus. Venus in Libra, you are ideal lovers and mates, are among the most charming members of the Zodiac, and are eager for love and romance. You have a kind, sympathetic nature and love the arts, music, and drama. You will likely have a happy marriage with talented children. You earn money through areas that Venus rules and seek harmony in all your relationships. You’re the ultimate compromisers and love to please your partner. Be careful of falling in love just to be in love though. Patience is required to for you to wait for that someone who will be the right match for you. You love language is quality time, and by quality, we mean classy dates and nothing too vulgar. 


Restless to a fault, you have an enormous need to prove your physical desirability and cannot rest until you have done so. This requires you to make a speedy and highly charged physical conquest wherein you can show yourself to be intense, romantic, and passionate. It is often difficult for others to understand why you need so much to prove yourself. Possessive to a fault, your are heedless of others’ opinions and should learn caution and prudence, or you will continue to go through life being hurt and unfulfilled. You often fluctuate between feelings of exaltation and remorse regarding sex, and have difficulty reconciling your passionate nature and dominant sex drive. Be careful of your ability to spite and keep in mind that communication is key and that you have that emotional depth to generate self-healing. Physical affection is your love language. Your strength lies in your passion and your emotive eyes, they’re perhaps your most attractive quality. Remember that you are always worthy of love and that you are enough. Thanks for keeping things deep, Scorpio.


You have a generous nature and ardent emotions in love. Honesty is the key for you. Unafraid of any consequences, fearless, determined, you will risk all when you feel you are right. Very strong in your convictions, you are not one for tact but rather for complete bluntness. This quality can either endear you, or have a drastic effect upon your partner. You have humor, charm, appeal, magnetism, sociability, generosity, and straightforwardness. Idealistic towards love and sex, you need spiritual fulfillment in love as well as companionship to feel truly happy. Once you fall (it may take a considerable amount of time to do so) you are a devoted lover. However, you desire freedom, and the person you choose to ally yourself with will have to understand your need for individuality and a life of your own. Your love language is words of affirmation. 


This is a confusing placement for Venus, as you are never quite sure of where you stand; you’re conflicted and torn most of the time. Highly ambitious, snobbish even, you desire an alliance from which you can benefit socially and materially. Afraid of real commitment, you will instead cater to your own ego. You shy away from marriage until the right chance for advancement comes your way. You are most discerning and discriminating of what is right for you. Aware, shrewd, difficult to know, you are not one to plunge headfirst into anything romantic; you know exactly where you are going and what you are doing every minute. Calculating, you seldom give yourself away. Marriage is usually to someone older and more established financially. Your love language is receiving gifts and quality time.


You have friends from all walks of life and you have strange unexpected experiences in romance and friendships. You have a need for intellectual stimulation in romantic partnerships and exhibit erratic financial habits. You gain through friends, partnerships, and speculations. It’s tough to keep Venus in Aquarius faithful. They like to try new things and experience new people. They love the drama. They may even have an affair just to get attention from a partner who’s not spending enough time with them. Physical appearance is most important to you and is the chief thing that first impresses you before a relationship. After the initial impression, you will then turn to qualities of character and see if those measure up to your standards. Their love language is as erratic as they are. Men having his placement are irresistible little boys that women want to mother, while the women are flirtatious and magnetic to the opposite sex.


You desire complete fusion with your partner, so much so that you can continually be disappointed in love, since rarely do you find anyone who can live up to your high ideals. Sensitive, you are often hurt in love, feeling you are giving more than you are receiving. When you find the love that you crave, you can completely immerse yourself in the other and are devoted and fulfilled. You crave spirituality, a merging of body, mind, and soul, where you blend and become one with your partner. Your strength lives in being in tune with how your partner feels, but be cautious of going overboard with your emotions. Romantic love and emotional attachments are necessary for your well-being. You exhibit great sensitivity to others and psychic abilities are likely. –

Monica Lopez Gamboa, also known as Monch the Mystic, completed Debra Silverman’s Online Astrology Program in April 2016 and has been giving readings since. Her dream is that one day the entire country (and the world!) will be able to speak the language of the stars as an avenue for self-awareness and self-actualization. Book a reading with Monch on her website. 

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