Your horoscope for 2019, Year of the Earth Pig

Aika Rey

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Your horoscope for 2019, Year of the Earth Pig
People born in the year of the Horse are the luckiest, while single people born in the year of the Dog may find their significant other this year

MANILA, Philippines – Festivities are not yet over as the Year of the Earth Pig kicks in! 

At the Lunar New Year celebration of Duty Free Philippines Corporation on Tuesday, February 5, feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez said that this year, a lot of emphasis  is on the environment and on social issues.

Fernandez said that artists, scientists, humanitarians, philosophers, and those whose jobs involve the environment and social issues “would do well this year.”

Fernandez describes Pigs as “comfortable,” a trait that could mean a prosperous life.

The feng shui expert said people should generally follow “the pace of the Pig” to avoid any troubles. For example, he said, if you can’t really catch a trip or a train, just wait for the next one – it may even be better than the missed ride.

Fernandez said that people born in the year of the Horse will be the luckiest this year, followed by those born in the year of the Monkey, while those born in the year of the Snake will be the least lucky in 2019.

Wondering what’s in store for you this year? Here are excerpts of Fernandez’s forecast:


The star of the year is the Pig. For those born in the year of Pig, they are like the co-star. So what happens with the lead role and the co-star? Of course the lead role doesn’t want the co-star to overshine him.

For those of you who are born in the year of the Pig, one would think since the spotlight is also on you then this is the chance to show what you are made of or your capability. On the other hand, because you don’t want the lead role or the lead star to pick on you, you have to be mindful of what you say whether in public or in private.

This year, you should also try to get a blood test. Be careful of road safety. But overall, because the pigs have some good stars in their chart, it’s not as bad as they say. The Pigs have a salvation star – that means when they find themselves in trouble, they will always find a solution. People will come to their aid.


Rats this year have a very good career star, which is very good for career progression, starting a new business, or generally moving up the social and corporate ladder.

One thing for Rats is that you have an illusion star. This could mean you have to be very mindful of the romatic relationships that you have. Some may be not what it seems. Especially for rats, please beware of temptation as it is not what it seems.

For Rats who are in business, make sure that you have everything and that you have all the facts because otherwise, you might be blocked by an illusion. 


The Ox this year still need a little bit of hardwork. A continuation of last year, the Ox still needs to put the nose to the grind. But it is just slightly better this year.

The Ox just has to be very mindful of emotions as it’s potentially very emotional this year. As long as the Ox recognizes that, then they would not let it get the better of them.

Beware that if you are in any situation, don’t make any rash or impulsive decisions, especially when you are already irritated or highly emotional.

Since you have an authority star, this year is a good year for you to implement rules, regulations, change of policies that you may want to do.


Tigers will be successful if you look into partnerships, collaborations, joint ventures, or working together as a team.

For tigers, who emphasize teamwork, will do quite well this year.

But be careful, Tigers. Yes, you have to emphasize teamwork, but you also have to be careful of backstabbing. Beware of who are in your circles.


Rabbits are pretty good this year.

Rabbits have all the good stars in their sign – health, relationships, money, luck.

One thing Rabbits have to be careful of are legal issues. If you are aware – meticulous – there would be not much of a trouble for you.


This year is much, much better for the Dragons. They will still have a drain look, meaning, you have to be mindful of expenses – same as last year.

The Dragons have what we call a phoenix star. If theres a goal you want to achieve…look for a matchmaker who will help you, be it for business or in the social setting.


The Snake is in direct conflict with the Pig. Before you panic, there are stuff that you can do to make it better than it’s supposed to be.

Please check the feng shui of your home. Whatever is in the northeast and southwest of your home, put a lot of metal. It could be a metal decor or wall hangings. Put more metal. Minimize putting red letters there so that your feng shui would help balance your luck.

Also for Snakes, try to see how you can travel. Any opportunities for travel, may it be business or pleasure, you should take it. Because that’s one way Snakes can avoid conflict. Yes, you will be traveling.

Snakes will also have a big drain. When you say you have a drain, that means your finance will leak, so better have a happy drain than a sad drain.

EXPERT. Feng shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez reads forecast for each sign in the Chinese zodiac. Photo by Aika Rey/Rappler


Congratulations, you’re number 1 this year. The luckiest sign this year is Horse.

Take advantage and maximize your luck this year because next year is going to be the year of the Rat. Horses are in direct conflict with the Rat so what you do this year, whatever opportunities that come your way, whatever plans that you have in the pipeline, do it now. So that next year, you can afford to coast; you’ve already planted this year.

But don’t take things for granted or be complacent. Remember, Pigs have their own pace. Don’t insist or chase. Let it go. Go with the flow. If you go against the pace, then that’s when trouble would follow you.


Goats have to be very mindful of their emotions. If you’re able to keep your emotions in check, then your year will not be as bad. Goats have to be mindful of communication.

For Goats this year, communication is the key. Be very open. Go straight to the source. If you hear rumors, some hearsay, rather than feeling bad about it, go to the source and double check.

One way that goats can release this anxiety, these emotional stars that they are feeling, is to take up a hobby…that’s artistic, anything creative. If goats do that then their emotional stars will not be so bad.

For husbands married to goats, if your wife is a goat, please be extra patient with your wife.


Monkeys this year will be much better. Monkey’s are number 2. A lot of good stars, finally, are in the Monkey.

Monkeys have the prosperity star and also have the challenge to learn. Upgrade yourself. If you do that, then you will have a lot of good opportunities awaiting you.

Monkeys do have to be careful of two things: Backstabbing and robbery. So let’s say, a person wants to borrow money from you, treat that as a charity because it won’t come back to you.


Not that great yet but much better. Roosters have two academic stars. It’s more often to boost yourself to learn or push yourself to upgrade, either through learning on the internet, reading a book, or enrolling in a short course. If they do that their luck will be much better this year.

Also, remember to always stay within the law. Mind rules and regulations. Follow this policies.


This year is much better for Dogs.

Dogs who are single this year, it’s the year for you to look for your significant other because this year’s Dog has a happiness star. If there’s a happiness star, there’s a reason to celebrate. There’s a reason to be happy.

Dogs, similar to Horses, whatever goals you have set for yourself or plans you have set in the pipeline for the past two to 3 years, now is the time to do it.

Just please pay attention to your health, especially to your digestive system. 


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