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The astrology of Macoy Dubs

The astrology of Macoy Dubs
Is fame written in the stars? An astrologer dives into Macoy’s birth chart to find out

The rising star of Macoy Dubs is hard to ignore these days. As an astrologer, I was interested in whether their natal chart – a map of the sky and the positions of planets on the day they were born – would reveal more.

The Sun and Venus: Sensitive but fierce

Mark Averilla, aka Macoy Dubs, was born with the Sun in the sensitive sign of Pisces. Pisceans are very spiritual and creative, attuned to their feelings and those of the people around them.

Like fish, Pisceans can swim skillfully in their own emotions, as well as navigate the currents of others.

But Macoy’s emotional and intuitive Pisces Sun also hides their fiercer side. That’s because they have Venus, the planet of romance and relationships, in the fiery, go-getter sign of Aries.

Aries Venus individuals are bold and confident, and they attract people to them by being upfront and unapologetic about themselves.

Apart from being the Goddess of love and beauty, Venus also signifies our feminine side. What’s fascinating is that Macoy’s Venus and Moon are conjunct (or very close to) the Midheaven, the part of the natal chart that corresponds to one’s public image. 

The Midheaven: Fame and the fortune

As the highest point in the sky, the Midheaven shows how we are seen by the wider world, and what we will become most known for. In the modern era, this also encompasses social media platforms, which is how many people find fame.

Planets close to the Midheaven infuse their energy into the native’s reputation, and Venus and the Moon are two highly feminine planets (in astrology, we also refer to the Sun and Moon as planets, for simplicity’s sake).

With Venus and Moon on their Midheaven, Macoy puts their feminine side out into the world, and this in turn is what has thrust them into the social media spotlight. They first made their mark on Tiktok by dubbing Mean Girls videos, before finally shooting to stardom via their sassy alter-ego, Aunt Julie.

Another point I should bring up is that the Moon symbolizes the mother in astrology. Macoy has said that their mother was the inspiration for Aunt Julie, thus manifesting the symbolism of the Moon (mother) on their Midheaven (public image).

Jupiter: The personal is political

Another I found interesting was that Macoy has Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in the socially aware sign of Libra. Jupiter rules our personal beliefs and morals; in Libra, this shows an individual with a heightened sense of justice. Libra, as symbolized by the scales, is all about achieving fairness and equality. 

Their Jupiter is also strongly connected to the warrior planet Mars, showing someone willing to fight (Mars) for their principles (Jupiter). Mars rules our motivation and ego. 

So it comes as no surprise to me that Macoy would join a group of Internet personalities and content creators, in a petition against the anti-terror bill. With Jupiter also being their luckiest planet, I can see that Macoy’s political beliefs are likely to influence their actions and their Martial drive in the world.

What’s ahead for Macoy Dubs?

There’s still rocky roads ahead for the social media star, with Mars visiting Macoy’s fame and career sector in Aries. The planet of action and conflict will spend an especially long time travelling through Aries; it is retrograde from September 9 until November 13. It will only move out of Aries in January 2021.

What this means is that Macoy’s public life has been, and will continue to see some heat, during this period. To me, it was not surprising that they would take a break from Aunt Julie after apparently getting “cancelled.”

Macoy was born with Mars in Cancer, and like the crab, they are more protective than aggressive, pulling back into their shell when faced with conflict.

It’s not all bad news, as Mars’ transit will also attract people and opportunities to them. “Even bad press is good press,” as the saying goes, and in Aunt Julie’s case that may have meant temporarily bowing to cancel culture. But Mars’ energy, harnessed effectively, can also bring forward momentum and advancement to Macoy’s career in the coming months.

Transiting Mars is also activating Jupiter in Macoy’ natal chart, bringing out their natural Libra Jupiter energy. They will be called to do more, and use their influence to seek social justice in public spaces.

In December 2020, Saturn will be moving into the sign of Aquarius, ushering in Macoy’s Saturn return. This is an astrological rite of passage that everyone goes through in their late 20s. In the next few years, Macoy will be called to a more mature perspective, to take on more responsibilities, and to create and commit to the structure that they want in their life. –

Gigi practices a blend of traditional and modern Western astrology, and has been reading charts since 2014. Having first learned through self-study, she is now formally studying the ancient language of Hellenistic astrology under a course by renowned astrologer Chris Brennan.

She does private consultations and birth chart readings over Zoom and Skype. Find her at, or on Instagram @astrobygigi.

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