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How to win friends and influence people: Mercury in the astrological chart

How to win friends and influence people: Mercury in the astrological chart
The planet named after the winged messenger god shows how you handle platonic connections and friendships

By now, you must know that Mercury in astrology rules all things to do with communication. Letters, texts, emails, and plans all go slightly awry when Mercury is retrograde.

Within your natal chart, Mercury’s placement by sign and house, as well as aspects it makes to other planets, will show not just how you communicate, but also how you win friendships.

How you think and express your ideas will naturally influence who you vibe with. Since Mercury governs our mind and our thought process, it facilitates the relationships we have on an intellectual level. We bond more easily with people who think like us, who speak our language (literally and figuratively), and share our perspectives. Those surface connections can then lay the foundations for deeper relationships.

Mercury in the elements

Fast-moving Mercury is the go-to planet for platonic friendships, acquaintances, even people you meet and interact with on social media. Mercury’s sign in your birth chart can describe how you handle these connections. You can find out your personal Mercury placement using online chart generators.

Mercury in one of the fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) wins friends with their passion, zest for life, and willingness to try new things and initiate fun. Outspoken Aries Mercuries say what’s on their minds, and can draw people to them with their frankness. As friends, they’re the kind that won’t let you get away with BS! Leo Mercuries make great hype people, as they know the value of boosting egos; these folks are generous with compliments and possess a commanding speaking demeanor. Mercury in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius are freethinkers with expansive ideas; sometimes they might lose the big picture, but as friends they’ll encourage adventure and openness to new concepts.

Mercury in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) tend to be a bit more socially reserved, but are happy to connect with other people for practical matters. Mercury in one of its home signs, Virgo, is analytical and methodical; these folks are often voted most likely to be the helpful friend. Because they’re introverted and process-oriented, Virgo Mercuries may make friends easier if they go one-on-one. Taurus Mercuries are measured and even-keeled communicators. Like their mascot the bull, Taurus Mercuries are resolute with their ideas and are usually hard to sway, but they bring the same level of balance and loyalty to their relationships. Ambitious Capricorn Mercuries are always low-key networking; when meeting new people, they might consider the utility of the relationship before anything else. But that doesn’t mean Capricorn Mercuries don’t make steadfast, loyal pals, once you grow on them!

Mercury in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) win over people with their empathy and ability to touch hearts with their words. Their thoughts and ideas may be more tied to their emotions, making them more subjective rather than logical. With Cancer Mercuries, friends can feel like family, and they’ll often take a motherly or nurturing role in their groups. With Scorpio Mercuries, you know you’re in with them if they let you in on their secrets, and in turn you’ll win their friendship by divulging yours! Pisces Mercuries are imaginative and want to share their inner world; while not often the friend you rely on to make firm plans, they’re sensitive and go-with-the-flow pals, and like the other water-sign Mercuries, they want their friends to feel emotionally seen.

Mercury in air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) thrive in witty and conversational friendships, and may place a huge emphasis on texting, DMing, group chats, and other communication tools to maintain and nourish their friendships. Gemini Mercuries embrace new and interesting experiences, and will readily socialize with a wide variety of people – the more, the merrier, to stimulate their keen intellect. Mercury in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra is the ultimate social butterfly, skilled at reading and working the room. As friends, Libra Mercuries are good listeners that give diplomatic advice. Deep-thinking Aquarius Mercuries will attract friends that love to discuss the state of the world and humanity, and their open-mindedness means they’ll want to mix with diverse and eclectic groups to be exposed to innovative ideas.

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Mercury as one of the social planets

Of course, Mercury’s sign placement is not the end of the story. There are many other ways we form connections, and this is also reflected in natal astrology.

Mercury works in tandem with other so-called “personal” planets in your chart, such as the Sun (your identity), Venus (your love language), Mars (your desires and ambition) and the Moon (your emotions), to reveal the full picture of your relating style. They are considered personal because their placements by sign, house and aspect contribute to your core personality, and represent your fundamental social instincts.

With deeper and more emotional connections, like childhood besties or your brother-from-another-mother, Venus and the Moon will play bigger roles in your birth chart alongside Mercury. With friendships fueled by competition (frenemies anyone?), or driven by a shared goal (business partners or volleyball teammates), you’ll see Mars heavily involved. 

If your Sun is tied with your Mercury, you may see friendships as core to your identity, and need to be around people that hype you up and help you to be the best person you can be. A natal Sun-Mercury conjunction is also extremely common, as Mercury is never more than a zodiac sign away from the Sun at all times.

How Mercury interacts with all the planets within your own unique birth chart shows you what type of connections you favor, what type of friend you will be, how platonic relationships can play out in your life, and what lessons you can learn from them! But as with everything in astrology, we must consider all the other planets in context to get a full grasp of an individual’s relating style. –

Gigi is a certified consulting astrologer focusing on traditional Western techniques. She has been reading birth charts since 2014, and does private consultations over Zoom and Skype. Find her at

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