The best #Tweetanaga entries for the 4th week of April 2018

MANILA, Philippines – It's been an amazing month of tiny, powerful poetry! 

To celebrate this year's Buwan ng Panitikan (National Literature Month), Rappler once again challenged our readers to tweet their very own tanaga – an indigenous Filipino poem featuring 4 lines with 7 syllables each.

This year, we featured the best tweetanaga entries for each week of April, and we are now down to our final week! Did your poem make it to our top picks for Week 4? Check them out:

#Tweetanaga 2018 Week 4 - Curated tweets by rapplerdotcom

You can also check out the previous weeks' best poems here:

Kudos to all these awesome Twitter poets, and we look forward to reading more compelling tweetanagas next year. Keep writing! –