7 hilarious Christmas parodies on Youtube

MANILA, Philippines - 'Tis is the season to be merry, and thanks to YouTube, the laughs come in a lot of creative and surprising ways.

Most of them are plays on age-old Christmas carols and pop hits, and as much as we love the originals, we have to admit that these renditions are pretty fun, too.

Santa and I Know It

LMFAO's hit 'Sexy and I Know It' birthed countess parodies, including this crazy cover made just for Christmas cheer! Think they play this at Santa's workshop?

Justin Bieber's Mistletoe 

Love or hate Justin Bieber, he definitely has a hold on pop culture. Even fake Justin Biebers go viral on Youtube, while most people barely get hits for their own Christmas covers.

Lady Gaga's Christmas album

Going gaga this Christmas? Let this Lady Gaga parody get rid of all that holiday stress!

Raging Rudolph

Stop-motion Christmas cartoons were popular decades ago, and this clip revives the trend for today's pop culture-heavy generation. Nobody's messing with Rudolph ever again!

12 Days of Minecraft

The holidays are not forgotten in this popular world-building game! Can you imagine a Christmas edition of Sim City that's just as fun? We don't think so!

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly sing carols

What could be better than Ferrell as David Bowie, and Reilly as Bing Crosby? We love how these two comedians have the vocal chops, too.

Merry Christmas Exclamation Point by Jon Lajoie

Internet celeb Jon Lajoie is known for his hilarious song stylings, and this Christmas ditty is, as usual, a winner.

Any funny Christmas viddies not on the list? Share your faves with us in the Comments section! - Rappler.com