A look at the products: MAC’s mysterious ‘Maleficent’ collection

MANILA, Philippines – It’s good to be bad, at least when it comes to beauty. 

Makeup mavens, you may have imploded when you heard that MAC was launching a Maleficent-inspired collection. 

Now, here’s a look at the products available come June 2014. 

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They will only be available in MAC Makati and in MAC Rockwell, so get ready to line up, camp out, or cast a spell – as the real Maleficent might do. 

As expected, the collection is all about the drama of the dark and mysterious, with striking, dangerous red taking center stage, seen in the lipstick, lip glass, lip pencil, and nail lacquer. 

We also noticed that a sculpting powder was included in the collection – the better to help you achieve a strong, structured look that’s come to define Maleficent’s appearance. 

The eyeshadow palette also caught our eye – notably, the presence of an intense, shimmery gold, and a rich, all-out black. 

Maleficent opens in the Philippines on May 28. Check out the trailer here:

All photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

– Rappler.com