Plan your next Poblacion food crawl with BigDish

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Plan your next Poblacion food crawl with BigDish
Looking for a restaurant in Poblacion? Here are some places to check out via BigDish

MANILA, Philippines – The food crawl has become a beloved custom, not just for connoisseurs, but for anyone packing a big appetite. With food crawls, it’s all about momentum – swing into one restaurant, devour, move to the next. (And hopefully, you get to burn off some calories while walking to the next stop.)

And keeping that momentum going is one of the more important elements of an enjoyable food crawl (apart from, y’know, good food). The last thing you’ll want is to have to wait half an hour for a table right in the middle of your crawl.

Enter BigDish, the newest mobile app that lets you book tables in advance. With it, you can uncover new restaurants, get big discounts, and most importantly, plan your food crawl accordingly. Once you book your tables, you’re all set. It’s the Indiana Jones for your food crawl.

BigDish only partners with restaurants that meet a minimum rating among diners. This ensures that if it’s on BigDish, it’s gonna be good. The BigDish team recently highlighted their partner restos located in Poblacion, Makati.

Crawl on Poblacion

So what’s good in Poblacion? Check out the list below, and make sure you book your next table with BigDish.

Pink Panda Asian Diner

As the name implies, Pink Panda Asian Diner specializes in topnotch Asian fare. It serves up all the best street food found in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines. But it does so with a modern, creative flair.

YUMMY. Pink Panda's pork buns. Photo from Facebook.com/thepinkpanda.ph

Crying Tiger Street Kitchen

After Pink Panda, we recommend heading over to Crying Tiger Street Kitchen for some Thai delicacies. The food here is cheap, cheerful, and delicious. They also have an extensive vegetarian menu, so nobody on your food crawl will be left out.

GO VEGAN. The vegetarian fried rice with dark leafy greens of Crying Tiger. Photo from Facebook.com/officialcryingtiger

Buddha-Bar Manila

Once you’re done with gobbling down some street food at Crying Tiger, head over to Buddha-Bar Manila for a more luxurious dining experience. The place is a 3-storey wonderland and serves some remarkable international dishes.  

SWEET. Buddha Bar's dark chocolate mousse. Photo from Facebook.com/BuddhaBarMNL

Kite Kebab Bar

From Buddha-Bar’s high-class experience, head back out into the streets and check out Kite Kebab Bar. Within its homey interiors, cooks serve up a mouth-watering array of Persian and Mediterranean street food. This is the go-to place to sate your craving for meat skewers, falafel, hummus, and shawarma. Be sure to wash it all down with an ice cold beer and chill while puffing on a shisha.

PERSIAN. Kite Kebab's lamb biryani. Photo from Facebook.com/kite-kebab-bar-mediterranean-street-food


You better not be full yet, because Bucky’s deserves your full attention. They serve American and European meals, sandwiches, and their merienda menu has some mouth-watering chicken dishes. Fried chicken, mozzarella nuggets, pastas, and creative desserts are all available here.

ICE CREAM. Bucky's version of a banana split. Photo from Facebook.com/buckysnotabrownie


Pura Vida 

Time for one last stop – Pura Vida, the place to dine and party. Pura Vida is a kickass Reggae lounge and maker of fine Costa Rican cuisine. It’s the place where good food and cultures collide. It’s also the perfect place for one more meal before settling into party mode and celebrating your awesome food crawl.

 COSTA RICA INSPIRED. Some of the Costa Rican dishes from Pura Vida. Photo from Facebook.com/PuraVidaMNL

– Rappler.com

BigDish is available for iOS and Android phones. All promos are subject to change, so sign up and keep up do date with all the good things they have in store!

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