Single Origin has something for everyone

Earnest Mangulabnan-Zabala
Single Origin has something for everyone
Single Origin is also known for its generously portioned comfort food and craft cocktails, beer and wine selections

Forgive me for staring. Single Origin in Greenbelt 3 probably has the most charming window ledge counter I have ever seen in the metro. For the past couple of minutes, I’ve been a tad envious of these two women engrossed with their open laptops. They have fresh flowers, a vista overlooking the mall’s famed open green space, and a cup of coffee beside them. This is a picture of bliss in an otherwise congested metro.

Single Origin has been around for three years now and in that time has earned its place among expats, young professionals, families and coffee aficionados alike with its unique take on the coffee shop scene.

There is no doubt that Single Origin is proud of its coffee offerings. The name refers to coffee beans harvested from one specific place: be it a region, producer or a country; as opposed to the familiar blend. One of its co-owners, Carlo Lorenzana was for a time importing Lamill coffee into the country and selling these to local coffee shops until he decided to put up his own.

But beyond first-rate cups of joe with a chill and easy vibe, Single Origin is also known for its generously portioned comfort food and craft cocktails, beer and wine selections. You heard me right. This is not your regular coffee shop, as it serves coffee and liquor side by side. It always comes as a pleasant shock for many-a-first-time visitor to realize that Single Origin is in fact a coffee shop, an excellent brunch place with an all-day breakfast menu and a gastropub all rolled into one.

It’s a favorite hangout among barkadas, families and other large groups as it has something for everyone.

As marketing manager Monica Modomo points out: “There is not one character in a crowd. Some people they want a coffee, some people they want a craft beer, some people want a glass of wine, some people want something healthy, are on a diet. Technically, we have everything.”

This is definitely a unique approach to an otherwise boxed-in concept. Monica says this is “how we push things” given that competition abounds with lots more on the way. “We are not afraid to be playful with our food. At the same time, we really love our food. We don’t want to be associated with just drinks. We also want to be associated with good comfort food,” she says.

Speaking of healthier options, Monica along with operations manager Kim Acuña is currently introducing me to the latest additions to their menu. These, Kim notes, are their answer to the numerous requests they received from loyal patrons requesting for food that fits into a healthier lifestyle.

HEALTHY OPTION. Grilled shrimps with smashed avocado, cherry tomato, feta cheese and poached egg.

First on the list is the visually arresting Avocado Toast (P320) made with smashed avocado, cherry tomato, feta cheese, a generous serving of grilled shrimp, poached egg and hollandaise sauce on brioche bread. It’s such a tasty treat for something so healthful.

If you want more fiber in your diet, go for the wholesome yet equally pretty Mixed Berries Smoothie Bowl (P320) with granola, milk, bananas, raisins and strawberries.

PRETTY AND NUTRITIOUS. The Mixed Berries Smoothie Bowl consists of granola, milk, bananas, raisins and strawberries

SLOW COOKED. The Short Ribs Benedict boasts of BBQ-braised short ribs with poached egg and hollandaise sauce served with a garlic-parmesan potato hash.

Another menu standout is the aptly named Heaven’s Toast (P280) that comes with Nutella, peanut butter, banana, strawberry, sunflower seeds and maple syrup. Elvis Presley would have approved.

We also went through some of their bestsellers from the protein side of the menu. Starting with the remarkable Short Ribs Benedict (P750). Braised in barbecue sauce and slow cooked to tender perfection, it practically falls off the bone. It is a bit on the sweet side for me, but on the whole goes well with the poached egg and garlic-parmesan cheese potato hash it is served with.

TRUFFLE FRIES. The Single Origin signature burger is made with 150 grams of pure beef, topped with Emmenthal cheese and comes with delightful truffle fries.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF BLACK. Espresso Noir combines espresso, vodka, whipped cream and cocoa.

The truffle fries are so yummy I could probably devour a whole order by myself – no calorie counting with this one. Good thing it is served in smaller portions with the notable Single Origin Burger (P360). This signature burger’s patty is made with Wagyu beef and is topped with Emmenthal cheese. 

If you can’t decide between coffee and a stronger drink, try out the latest concoction that combines a shot of espresso with vodka, whipped cream and cocoa. Depending on your preference, the Espresso Noir (P395) is the perfect way to start or end the day.

For a heightened coffee experience, Monica recommends trying out a cup of their single origin beans sourced from South American and African countries. Each coffee bean has its unique taste and particular flavor notes.

COFFEE ELEVATED. Single origin coffee beans and their tasting notes.

Part of the ritual is sipping your coffee and trying to locate within your taste buds the different factors that contribute to its eventual taste. I tried the Ethiopian Adado, named after a region in Africa (P280 for 20 oz using the vacuum method).

The accompanying card told me to watch out for the following: berry, chocolate, lush and wine. I am a coffee and cream kind of girl, and this is way beyond my expertise level. But by taking my time to savor the coffee and take in small sips, I was able to recognize some of the proffered tasting notes.

A Single Origin Loyalty Program was created to encourage people to try out these special beans. For every five cups you avail, you get one cup for free. 

Whether it’s for a good cup of coffee or a tall, soothing glass of wine; Sunday lunch with the family or a friendly catch up over tea and sweets, Single Origin makes sure there is something for you. –


The Single Origin Greenbelt branch is located at the G/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati. For inquiries, call 0977 390 0429.

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