First impressions, photos, prices: Tiger Sugar in Manila

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First impressions, photos, prices: Tiger Sugar in Manila
The Instagram-famous milk tea store is opening in BGC

MANILA, Philippines – If you’ve visited Hong Kong, Singapore, or Taiwan recently, there’s a chance that you’ve spotted the crazy long lines for Tiger Sugar, a milk tea shop that traces its origins to Taiwan. 

And if like many travellers, you didn’t have enough patience to brave those long lines while abroad, here’s some good news: the popular milk tea shop is finally opening its first store in the Philippines. 

It’s the long lines in Hong Kong that first the owners of Making Fine Beverages, Corp intrigued. And knowing how crazy Filipinos still are over a good cup of boba, those long lines are likely to happen in Manila too. 

Tiger Sugar Philippines will be available to the public starting Friday, December 21. Its first location: right smack in the middle of Bonifacio High Street, near Fully Booked. 

So is it worth the hype? Short answer: yes. 

Photo by Rappler

It’s sweet without being cloyingly so and rich without that surge of regret upon first sip (although we’re sure its caloric details will still trigger that surge of regret). It’s just the right amount of caramel sweetness. The boba is a little on the softer side – but it still has a nice bite. 

Tiger Sugar gets its name from the “stripes” that form around the cup thanks to the brown sugar syrup – an Instagram-worthy detail that stays intact for only a few minutes before it finally dissolves into the rest of the drink. 

If you’re willing to brave the long lines (in Singapore, over an hour long), here’s what Tiger Sugar in the Philippines has to offer:

Brown Sugar Boba series 

  • Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream mouse – P120
  • Brown Sugar Boba Milk – P120 
  • Brown Sugar Black Tea with boba – P100
  • Brown Sugar Green Tea with boba – P100

Brown Sugar Pearl series 

  • Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl with Cream mousse – P120 
  • Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cream mousse – P120 
  • Brown Sugar Pearl Milk – P100 
  • Brown Sugar Green Tea with pearl – P100

Brown Sugar Tea Latte series

  • Black Tea Latte with Cream mousse – P110 
  • Black Tea Latte – P110
  • Green Tea Latte with Cream mousse – P110 
  • Green Tea Latte – P110 

Tea Series 

  • Black Tea – P80 
  • Green Tea – P80  

Tiger Sugar at Bonifacio High Street is open from 11 am to 10 pm from Sundays to Thursdays and 11 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Will you be lining up? –

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