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Your guide to 3-in-1 coffees in the Philippines

Steph Arnaldo
Your guide to 3-in-1 coffees in the Philippines
Which is your favorite?

MANILA, Philippines – Aside from love and music, coffee is a universal language of its own, and a brew-tiful one at that.

Spoken by millions of Filipinos, there’s definitely no room for coffee condescension here – some clamor for the best single-origin coffee they can find, some are perfectly content with their favorite freshly-brewed fastfood cup, and for some, 3-in-1 remains their number one. 

Because why not? It’s affordable, flavorful, easy to find, easy to prepare, and comes in a variety of flavor choices. Which is your go-to 3-in-1 coffee pick?

The OG: Nescafé Original

Photo from Nescafé's Facebook page

The starter 3-in-1 coffee, Nescafé Original became the gateway drug of many into the world of instant caffeine (and sugar).

The Original variant had mastered the basic formula of a good 3-in-1 early on – owning that familiar, comforting blend of sweetness and creaminess, accompanied by that distinct kick of coffee. 

The creamy of the cropKopiko Blanca

Photo from Kopiko Philippines' Facebook page

Prefer your coffee on the creamier side? Kopiko Blanca’s gotchu.

Kopiko’s take on the milky “white coffee” phenomenon has bean – and continues to be – a favorite among coffee lovers with a sweet tooth.

The price is white: Nescafé Creamy White

Photo from Nescafe's Facebook page

Another creamy coffee contender is Nescafé’s Creamy White option – a silky-smooth, uber-sweet go-to cup of coffee many have espresso-ed their love for, which we heard is extra yummy iced, too! (Plus, it’s KathNiel-approved.)

Sugar? Yes please: Kopiko Brown

Photo from Kopiko Philippines' Facebook page

Going easy on the cream, but hard on the brown sugar? If you like taking your morning cup with a spoonful of brown/muscovado sugar, go to town with Kopiko Brown.

It’s got the right mix of coffee and sugar – saktong sweet but not at all bitter – just like the jowa of your dreams.

Once you go black: Kopiko Astig

Photo from Kopiko Philippines' Facebook page

Need something strong and that’ll last you all night long? Try Kopiko Astig – Kopiko’s “stronger” variant – a rich 3-in-1 favorite that packs a heavier coffee punch than the rest. 

For the fancy shmancy: Essenso

Photo from Essenso Philippines' Facebook page

If #treatingyourself means grabbing a packet of sosy Essenso Coffee, by all means, please do so.

San Mig’s Essenso Coffee stands out among its fellow grocery sachets, thanks to its sophisticated packaging and branding, and features a premium blend made from finely-ground 100% arabica. It’s not excessively sweet, tastes almost like a non-instant cup, yet is easily likeable in taste.

No sugar, no problem: San Mig Coffee Sugar-free

Photo from San Mig Coffee's Facebook page

Weaning off sugar but still craving for that cup of coffee? Why feel depresso if you’ve got sugar-free espresso? Well – San Mig Coffee’s Sugar-free option, that is.

Made with splenda, this 3-in-1 packet is low in fat, low in calories, but definitely not low in flavor.

International visitor: Old Town Coffee

Photo from OLDTOWN White Coffee Malaysia's Facebook page

Hailing from abroad, Old Town has made its way to Philippine shores, and we welcomed its 3-in-1 army with open arms. 

Offering a variety of flavors (cane sugar, low sugar, regular, and our favorite: hazelnut), each sachet is filled to the brim with its distinct 3-in-1 powder blend, guaranteeing a rich, smooth, cup of coffee we love a latte. –

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