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LIST: Sushi, sashimi shops open for delivery in Metro Manila

Steph Arnaldo
LIST: Sushi, sashimi shops open for delivery in Metro Manila
Can't go wrong with Japanese food! These local restaurants and home businesses are selling their sushi rolls and fresh sashimi for delivery.

MANILA, Philippines – Many of us love Japanese food, there’s no doubt – ramen, katsudon, you name it – and what really gets the craving going for many is a good ‘ol sushi roll and a plate of fresh sashimi.

Let’s skip the recent sushi bake trend – we’re talking about the classic maki or nigiri: sushi rice, seafood, sometimes nori, and other ingredients, as well as slices of raw, sashimi-grade fish, with a touch of soy sauce with a smidge of wasabi.

Hungry yet? Luckily, Japanese restaurants have reopened for delivery – and not just the bigger chains, but smaller brands and home businesses too.

Ohayo Maki and Ramen

Located along Granada Street, Quezon City, Ohayo Maki and Ramen reopened for delivery orders mid-April 2020, much to their loyal fanbase’s joy. Ohayo’s got a simple menu – but hey, simple works.


Among their maki choices are the traditional Cali Maki (P195), the Salmon Mango (P300), the crowd-favorite Spicy Tuna Roll (P235), and Spam Musubi (P195). For those who like a creamy, salmon sashimi contrasted with the crunch of cucumber, try the Salmon Torch (P255); for fans of torched nigiri, their Salmon Aburi may do just the trick (P255).


Ohayo’s also got tantanmen ramen (P370), classic tonkotsu ramen (P310), and a new sushi-bake-inspired Salmon Torched Platter on the menu.

Ohayo is open from Mondays to Sundays, 11 am to 6 pm. You can place your orders on their Instagram page or call 02-2809657. 

Wasari Maki x Sushi

Home-based sushi chef-owned business Wasari has been serving their own takes on traditional sushi rolls since 2019, each order handmade on the day of delivery – hence the name Wasari, a jumbled wordplay on “sariwa” (fresh).


Wasari’s top 3 bestsellers include their torched dynamite roll (P210), which is a creamy, salmon delight on its own, accentuated by crunchy cucumbers inside, their salmon and cream cheese (P225), a must-try for fans of philadelphia rolls (they definitely don’t scrimp on the ingredients), and the spicy tuna aburi (P175). 

For fans of the basic California roll, try out their classic Kanifornia (P180), stuffed with fresh ingredients and topped with a sweet sliver of fresh, yellow mango, torched slightly. Wasari also allows you to customize your sushi assortments in a pretty box, complete with soy sauce, wasabi, and chopsticks.

Their sushi kitchen located in Cainta, Rizal can deliver to certain Metro Manila areas too, usually every Wednesday or Friday. To place your orders, you can message Wasari’s Facebook page. 


A small home business born in October 2018, MakiMama was founded by – well, a mama – based in Paranaque who creates various sushi rolls from her own kitchen.  

One of her bestsellers (and for good reason) is her creamy, silky Cheesy Tamago Aburi – Japanese rolled egg, cheese mayo, nori, and sesame seeds – which goes for P180 for 10 pieces and P350 for 20: a very sulit deal. You can also get it Chili Cheese style, for those looking for a kick of spice.


Aside from her torched series, she also serves the classic Spicy Tuna Maki, which costs P150 for 10 pieces and P290 for 20. She doesn’t hold back on the spice at all – tuna sashimi is rolled inside soft sushi rice, which is covered in 7-spice chili powder and real chili flakes.

There’s also the Kani Krunch (P180, P350) made with crabstick, cucumber, and tempura flakes, as well as the Seared Salmon Nigiri (P295, P680).


To place your orders, you can message MakiMama on her Instagram page.


Takamura was once a food park stall, but is now a standalone restaurant located in Pasig City. It serves a straightforward menu of Japanese comfort food at fairly reasonable prices. 


Their maki rolls (which are way bigger than “bite-size,” by the way) are simple but flavorful – the Crazy Maki, although made with just kani and a heap of tempura flakes, is topped with a delicious mayo sauce, and costs P99 for 5 pieces and P189 for 10. Their Volcano Maki is also a hit – it’s got salmon, tuna, cheese, ebiko, their special sauce, and is deep-fried altogether. It costs P249 for 10 tasty pieces. 


And if it’s beef you want, try the Gyuniku Aburi Beef (P169), nigiri sushi topped with torched and tender beef slices, doused in Takamura’s special sauce, teriyaki, and topped with wasabi, and spring onion. BTW: for an all-around condiment bursting with umami, Jap mayo-like flavor, their Takamura Special Sauce is available at P125 a bottle. 

Takamura is open for takeout and delivery orders via GrabFood and Foodpanda from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays at LA Townhomes. For orders, you can message their Instagram page. 

Sashimi To-Go

How about some sashimi to cleanse the palate? Look no further – Sashimi To-Go offers fresh, buttery salmon  sashimi in a tray for P550 at 250-300g each – no malansa after-taste here! 


You can also get just a tray of tuna sashimi for P500, or better yet – why not a mixed selection? Sashimi To-Go’s mixed sashimi tray costs P500. They also have a tub of fresh uni (sea urchin) for sale at P700 a container – it’s good for 3-4 people, and tastes just as fresh and rich as you’d expect.


You can also enjoy your fish with a soy sauce and wasabi combo for P50. To place your orders, you can message Sashimi To-Go’s Instagram page – they’re based both in Makati and Mandaluyong City. 


If it’s a huge to-go box of sushi you’re looking for – check out MySushi, an online delivery website that serves platters of various maki and nigiri, as well as an ala carte selection of sashimi, tataki, donburi, poke, gunkan, sushi bakes, and aburi.


If you’re feeding a group, MySushi’s customized boxes are fun to share – they sell two different sets at P2,400 each. Sushi Box A consists of 43 pieces of their salmon avocado roll, fresh roll, mango roll, dragon roll, mixed nigiri, and seafood crunch roll, while Sushi Box B has 41 pieces of tuna and salmon maki, volcano roll, california maki, mexican roll, avocado roll, and salmon, tuna, tamago, and ebi nigiri.


MySushi is taking orders daily from 11 am to 10:30 pm. Ordering is easy – just visit their website.

Sashimi Haven

Still can’t get enough of salmon and tuna? Quezon City-based sashimi hub Sashimi Haven is serving them fresh and sliced at P500 for a tray of just salmon, and P480 for just tuna.


Sashimi Haven’s mixed tray costs P450 – which honestly isn’t complete without kikkoman and wasabi for P20 each.  Feel free to splurge on an 800g salmon platter for P1,350, or maybe some aburi salmon for P200.


Sashimi Haven is open for orders from Mondays to Sundays, 10 am to 6 pm, via their Instagram page. 



Omakase – the homegrown Japanese restaurant with a unique set of maki options (and other comfort food offerings) – has also reopened for delivery and takeout at their branches in Ayala Malls Feliz, Ill Terazzo, Molito, Don Antonio, Marikina, and GrabKitchen Makati.


Among their popular maki options are the spicy Dynamite Roll (P335), the American Dream (P285), the Philadelphia Roll, and the Green Dragon Roll (P375), made with kani and refreshing wakame seaweed. Why not have some spicy tuna salad (P345) while you’re binging? 

Omakase is operational from 11 am to 6 pm daily, except Mondays. For inquiries, you can check out their Instagram page. 


For those in the South, good news – Bruce Rickett’s sushi joint Sensei, located in BF Homes, Paranaque, is open again from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am to 5:30 pm, for takeaway orders of casual Japanese fare.


Their delivery menu of maki rolls include the crowd-pleasing spicy tuna (P270), spicy salmon (P285), and the crunchy salmon skin (P320), as well as the crispy philly roll (P280). Sensei’s tuna and crispy scallop dynamite (P340) sounds promising too, and so do their aburi offerings – salmon, scallop, and the luxurious foie gras for P690.

To place your orders, you can contact (02) 7358 1387, 09162191412, or do so via GrabFood if you’re within the area. For more info, you can visit Sensei’s Instagram page. 

Sashimi At Home

Makati-based sashimi biz Sashimi At Home does exactly what its name says – they deliver fresh sashimi to your doorstep, all within the day (and with fun branding too boot).


Their “restaurant-grade sashimi” is served 3 ways – as a Norwegian salmon or tuna tray good for 2-3 people at P650, or as a tub of uni sashimi at P780 each, good for 3-5 people. 

All orders come with complimentary soy sauce and wasabi. For orders, just message their Instagram page. –

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