The new buffet at Four Seasons Hotpot City by Vikings

Naveen Ganglani
The new buffet at Four Seasons Hotpot City by Vikings
What's to try at this new buffet?

MANILA, Philippines – From the creators of Vikings and NIU, there’s now Four Seasons Hotpot City, another buffet restaurant that offers more affordable prices and specializes in its hotpot concept. (READ: The new buffet at Niu by Vikings: Tips and tricks)

The interior of the restaurant has a modern design but also feels like a higher-end market, where customers can roam around and pick different food and ingredients to mix in their hotpot.

The lighting inside the restaurant is bright and lively, similar to how it is in NIU. What Four Seasons Hotpot City has that its sister restaurant doesn’t, however, are tables with views of the gorgeous Manila Bay.  

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Located along the SM Mall of Asia bay area, Four Seasons Hotpot City has seven stations: meat, seafood, appetizers, vegetables, Japanese, desserts, and bar. The restaurant is open everyday from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm for lunch, and 5:30 to 10:00 pm for dinner. 

How much is it to eat at Four Seasons Hotpot City?

(Prices are subject to 5% service charge): 

For adults:

  • Weekday lunch: P588
  • Weekday dinner: P788
  • Weekends/Holiday lunch and dinner: P788

For kids below 3 feet: free 

For kids 3′ – 4′:

  • Weekday lunch: P188
  • Weekday dinner: P288
  • Weekends/Holiday lunch and dinner: P288

For kids 4′ – 4’6 inches:

  • Weekday lunch: P288
  • Weekday dinner: P388
  • Weekends/Holiday lunch and dinner: P388

The restaurant also has many promos and other offers, which are viewable here.

One hotpot per table (on top of an electric insulator) is provided to guests. Each one is divided into two that you can fill up from the restaurant’s four broth options: pork, chicken, vegetable, and sinigang. After which, guests have the option to add a mix to each of their two broths: tomato paste, Chinese herb, Szechuan mala, sate, or sukiyaki.

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Personally, I suggest the sinigang (mixed with tomato paste) and pork broths.

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

A private room that can hold up to 12 people is also available. In said rooms, each guest will have his or her own hotpot. 

After filling your hotpots, you can roam through the vegetables, seafood, meat, and Japanese stations to choose what you want to cook.  

The vegetables station provides plenty of leafy greens, along with tasty mushrooms, taro, carrots, celery, and much more. The other station gives you a wide variety, ranging from many meatballs, exotic dishes (like pork liver or pork heart), different kinds of noodles, or an assortment of dumplings. 

Vegetable section. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Meat section. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Chicken gizzard. by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Pork Heart, Liver, Slices. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Seafoods. by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Shrimp and chicken balls. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Assorted noodles. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

The meat section also gives you the chance to cook beef short ribs, beef striploin, beef shortplate, pork jowls, pork neck, pork belly, and lamb. 

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Food that you don’t need to cook in a hotpot are also available. Make sure to try out the ebi and fish tempuras, as well as the spare ribs with orange sauce, Szechuan fish fillet, beef brisket, dong po pork, and crispy fish skin. 

Spare ribs orange sauce. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Szechuan Fish Fillet. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Pork feet with superior sauce. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

You can get all the sushi, sashimi, and salad (with multiple dressing options) you want. 

Maki. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Maki, Kani, Ebi, Sashimis. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Like NIU and Vikings, Four Seasons Hotpot City also has many beverage options. There’s a limitless supply of sodas and a number of iced tea choices. My advice: get the honeydew melon agua fresca for a sweet and flavorful drink or the minty lemon lime iced tea for something more refreshing. 

Wine. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Juices. by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Juices. by Mark Cristino/Rappler

For kids, Milo shake is available. For adults, there are different wine options, draft San Miguel beer, and the delicious Thai beer Chang. For something to help you loosen up after many dishes, there’s Twinings tea and coffee.

Chang beer. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

The dessert station offers many must-tries like the revel bar, white revel bar, halo-halo, white chocolate, crepes, chocolate fondue, and chocolate english pudding. Big Scoop ice cream flavors are there as well, with many topping options present. 

Chocolate fountains. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Halo-halo. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Fresh Fruits. Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Photo by Mark Cristino/Rappler

Looking for a healthier way to appease your sweet tooth? Then grab hold of some frozen yogurt or fruits. 

Come hungry! –

Four Seasons Hotpot City is located at Bldg E., By the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. For reservations, call them at 831-7777 or 835-7777

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