Get ice scramble, ube cheese cereal milk ice cream from this local business

If you haven't had cereal milk ice cream before, it's pretty much ice cream made from corn cereals soaked in a milk base. The result? A thicker, creamier ice cream with a chewy, cake-y consistency.

"Soulful home cooking" local business Arfrateli sells exactly this – frozen milk cereal ice cream in 3 signature flavors, Unicorn Dream, Ever After, and After-School, at P350 a pint.

They're definitely easy on the eyes, and interesting on the tongue, too – Arfrateli's Unicorn Dream flavor features swirls of pretty colors, and tastes like a sweet, milky, cake-turned-ice cream. You'll really taste the bits of cereal in every bite, which makes it a slightly heavier alternative to regular ice cream.

The purple-yellow Ever After flavor, on the other hand, mixes in the savory flavor of queso ice cream with the distinctly sweet flavor of ube – a treat for fans of salty-sweet flavor combos.

There's also their newest flavor, After-School, which is a play on the classic childhood ice scramble – the pink ice cream tastes just like the banana-flavored ice shavings, topped with milk powder, marshmallows, choco syrup, and rainbow sprinkles. Fans of both ice scramble and cereal milk ice cream won't be disappointed!

BTW: Arfrateli's cereal milk ice cream is 100% vegetarian, as no animal-derived fats are used to preserve their products.

Every pint order is delivered to you cold and in a cute, insulated bag with free ice packs inside. For orders of two pints and more, each pint will cost P315 instead.

Arfrateli is based in Makati City. For orders, you can visit their Instagram account or official website. –

Steph Arnaldo

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