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Get assorted filled croissants from this Rizal bakery

Steph Arnaldo
Get assorted filled croissants from this Rizal bakery

Photos from Eclair Bar's Instagram page

These homemade croissants are stuffed with different creams and toppings – from ube, mango, strawberry, dulce de leche, to Nutella

Croissants can be enjoyed in different ways: with butter, jams, stuffed with strawberries, Nutella, or in this local bakery’s case, filled with different creams and toppings.

Rizal-based bakery Eclair Bar sells freshly-baked, filled croissants in assorted boxes of 8 signature flavors. The flaky croissants themselves are soft, buttery, and chewy; however, with Eclair Bar, it’s what’s inside that counts – homemade fillings that ooze with each bite.

Among Eclair Bar’s must-try croissant flavors include the dulce de leche almond, filled with a silky, dulce de leche filling, topped with crunchy almond slivers, and dusted with powdered sugar (a personal favorite).

If you’re also into fruity flavors, the strawberry shortcake is a good option – the sweet-tart croissant is filled with a light whipped cream, sweet strawberry puree, and slices of fresh strawberries (I would have appreciated the leaves to be taken out prior).

If you prefer the strawberry-chocolate combo, the strawberry choco mousse replaces the white cream with a decadent milk chocolate mousse and ganache topping, still filled with fresh strawberry slices.

Chocoholics might favor the Nutella hazelnut flavor, topped with almond bits and coated and filled with the smooth, hazelnut spread; or the Chocolate flavor, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate ganache that is also the croissant’s filling. Fan of Oreo? The kid-friendly Oreo cookie flavor has a vanilla cream filling and heavy Oreo crumb coating that you might enjoy.

Their more unconventional flavors include the ube jam mousse, made with a fluffy ube mousse mixed with real ube halaya and edible gold flakes on top; and the refreshing mango cookie mousse, a mango-flavored, light cream topped with fresh, ripe mango cubes and a cookie crust on top.

An assorted box of 8 costs P675, while a box of 16 costs P1,335. For customized flavors, a box of 8 costs P710 while a box of 16 costs P1,480.

Eclair Bar is based in Cainta, Rizal. They’re open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10 am to 8 pm. Customers can order via Instagram or via Viber at 09153142287. –

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