CoCo introduces new toppings: taro balls, sweet potato balls

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juices has added two new topping choices to add to their milk tea drinks, aside from the signature tapioca and clear pearls – sweet potato balls and taro balls.

The sweet, chewy balls fall under CoCo's new "QQ" drinks line, and can be enjoyed with 4 QQ drinks.

CoCo's QQ Milk Tea is CoCo's standard milk tea base, topped with taro and sweet potato balls. It costs P110 for the regular and P120 for the large.

If you still want it with extra tapioca pearls, go for the 3Q Milk Tea, which costs P120 for the regular and P130 for the large.

For taro fans, there's the QQ Taro Milk Tea, CoCo's taro-flavored milk tea with both taro and sweet potato balls. The regular costs P120, while the large costs P130.

Lastly, if you prefer your taro with just fresh milk, go for the QQ Taro Latte, which costs the same as its milk tea counterpart.

CoCo's new drinks are available for take-out and delivery via GrabFood and Foodpanda. –