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This local brand makes creamy, dairy-free ice cream in 10 flavors

Steph Arnaldo
This local brand makes creamy, dairy-free ice cream in 10 flavors

Photos courtesy of Super Scoops

Super Scoops is all about vegan-friendly, delicious ice cream flavors, made with coconut milk and coconut sugar

Ice cream is a happy indulgence for many, but for those who are vegan, lactose intolerant, diabetic, or conscious about their health, it’s not even an option.

Thankfully, though, more local brands are stepping up their healthy ice cream game – serving non-dairy and even sugar-free options – and we’ve got the scoop on one award-winning brand: Super Scoops.

Super Scoops, founded in 2017 by the same owners of vegan company Super Food Grocer, is all about dairy-free, egg-free, plant-based ice cream, available in 10 comforting flavors and in leading groceries nationwide.

The… scoop

Super Scoops started just like many mom and pop food ventures do – in the kitchen.

“We’ve been vegan for more than 10 years and making vegan ice cream began in our home kitchen simply for our own consumption. This was at a time when the closest you could get to vegan ice cream was blended frozen bananas,” owners Ralph Go and Carmela Cancio told Rappler.

“We started experimenting using different ingredients such as coconut milk. Our first few attempts were actually quite bad as it had the icy consistency of sorbet and wasn’t creamy at all,” they said. After several tries with their home ice cream machine, they finally mastered the creamy, soft consistency Super Scoops is known for today.

They also knew that coconut milk and coconut sugar had to be the main ingredients of their ice cream, both for health and sustainability reasons. Soy milk is also used in their flavors.

“Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index and can be harvested multiple times a day and year-round, which makes it kinder to the body and more sustainable,” Go and Cancio said. They also wanted to highlight the “rich, tropical resources” our Filipino farmers work hard for.

“Most of the coconut products of the Philippines are exported as raw ingredients and then sold back to the Philippines as finished products. We wanted to use it not just as a raw ingredient but as a premium, finished product of world-class quality,” they added.

Their “world-class quality” stamp was recently affirmed by their first UK Great Taste Award in 2020, a prestigious title granted to Super Scoops in the non-dairy frozen dessert category.

Meet the 10 flavors

With Super Scoops, you’re getting the creamy texture of homemade ice cream and the distinct taste of coconut sugar, which is similar to burnt caramel or burnt brown sugar. This flavor note is most prominent in their chocolate-based flavors.

Super Scoops has 10 flavors, most of them inspired by familiar favorites that are “veganized.” You’re most likely to enjoy at least one of their options, whether you like your ice cream chunky, fruity, or smooth. Each flavor is crafted in small batches at their Quezon City production hub.

Super Scoops’ kid-friendly Choco Milk is a smooth, milk chocolate ice cream that easily hits the spot for chocolate cravings, but if you want something darker, try the rich Dark Chocolate, which has that strong taste of cacao.

The Choco Brownie Madness is a personal favorite and is loaded with thick, chunky, homemade, gluten-free brownies (I couldn’t even tell), which add more flavor and an addictive, chewy texture. This flavor was awarded one star at The Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards in London in 2020.

If you want the vanilla version, try the Vanilla Brownie Crumble, which almost tastes like a chunkier cookies and cream ice cream. If you prefer vanilla mixed with light caramel and the crunch of peanuts, try the subtle, buttery Vanilla Caramel Pecan. Fans of cookie dough and nuts in the ice cream may enjoy the Almond Cookie Dough, creamy vanilla ice cream with roasted almond slivers and chewy cookie dough chunks.

Another top pick is the Coffee Cashew Crumble, a dairy-free ode to the classic coffee crumble. Chocolate ice cream is mixed in with real coffee, crunchy cashews bits, and chewy brownies, resulting in different flavors and textures in one bite. This flavor is also award-winning!

Fans of cookie dough and nuts in their ice cream may enjoy the lighter flavored Almond Cookie Dough – creamy vanilla ice cream with roasted almond slivers and chewy cookie dough chunks. Looking for a fruit-based option? The Strawberries and Cream flavor is both creamy and tangy; the milky, sweet, vanilla base is mixed in with real strawberry chunks.

If you’re into earthy matcha, the Milky Matcha won’t disappoint – the creamy base helps temper the strong taste of the pure Japanese green tea used. Fan of Nutella? Super Scoops’ newest flavor is the Hazelnut Dream, a smooth, mild ice cream made with roasted hazelnuts.

Super Scoops’ pints go for either P350 or P380, depending on the flavor. Some flavors are also available as mini cups at P100 each.

All of their ice cream toppings are made from scratch (the pints don’t scrimp on the brownies, cookie dough, or nuts), while other ingredients are locally-sourced, like their strawberries and chocolate.

Super Scoops’ ice cream line can be found in several specialty stores and supermarkets nationwide. They can also deliver to Bonifacio Global City, Makati, San Juan, Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City, Marikina, Paranaque, Pasay, and Las Pinas for a flat rate of P99. Deliveries are made from Mondays to Saturdays.

Orders can be placed via The Super Food Grocer’s website. Lead time is 1 to 4 business days. –

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