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Leche flan meets donut in this new dessert treat

Steph Arnaldo
Leche flan meets donut in this new dessert treat

LECHE FLAN DONUTS. The newest dessert fad mixes brioche donuts with homemade leche flan.

Photo from Made With Lots of Love's Instagram page

These leche flan brioche donuts are filled with dulce de leche custard and topped with creamy leche flan

When one’s love for creamy leche flan collides with an obsession with donuts, you’ve got the local dessert scene’s latest treat: leche flan donuts.

Golden-brown donuts with a hefty serving of creamy leche flan on top – it may seem like sweetness overload, but local bakeries have found a way to keep the pastry balanced and indulgently creamy.

Cainta-based bakery Made With Lots of Love helped spearhead the fad, making their caramel-y dulce de leche donuts using brioche dough. In the middle is a dulce de leche custard, topped with a silky and thick pure yolk leche flan.

Their palm-sized donuts are light, chewy, and creamy in the center. They’re lightly dusted with powdered sugar, which is just right, since the donut itself isn’t very sweet.

Made With Lots of Love’s dulce de leche donuts cost P300 for 6 pieces and P600 for 12. They also have an ube de leche version for P60 a piece.

Orders can be made via their Facebook page.

Pasig-based shop UBE by Cheese also offers leche flan donuts, inspired by the Filipino-themed donuts sold by Kora Bakery in New York.

Their brioche donut is more on the thicker, firmer side and is very compact. It is also filled with a light dulce de leche cream and homemade jiggly leche flan that’s not too rich. It’s finished off with powdered sugar and edible gold flakes.

UBE by Cheese’s leche flan donuts cost P275 for a box of 4, and can be ordered via their Instagram. –

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