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This Manila shop makes donuts with cheese cream, cheddar cheese

Steph Arnaldo
This Manila shop makes donuts with cheese cream, cheddar cheese

Photo from BUNappetite's Instagram page

This hefty triple cheese donut pocket is also topped with cheese shavings

Triple cheese, 3-cheese, cheese donuts – their names may sound the same, but each bakery’s take on the popular triple cheese donut trend usually offer their own take. There’s Manila-based shop BUNappetite’s triple cheese donuts, baked “with a twist.”

BUNappetite’s latest pastry is different from the typical sugar-covered donut filled with cheeses inside. BUNappetite’s triple cheese donuts are big on presentation and really big on the fillings, too.

Sweet, thin, and dense donuts are dusted with powdered sugar and heavily stuffed with the keso works, including their homemade “cheese cream” –thick, fluffy, sweet whipped cream that’s mixed in with sugar and local cheese. It almost tastes like a keso-flavored dirty ice cream, but in whipped cream form.

Inside the cheese cream are small, firm bits of cheddar cheese, and on top are thick shavings of QuickMelt cheese, because why not? It’s finished off with a dollop of more cheese cream.

Note: There’s a lot going on in one donut pocket, so it’s a lot to take in one bite. But if you’re a fan of desserts that are both sweet and salty, go for it – especially if you also enjoy the fluff of whipped cream and the chewiness of donuts.

A box of 6 triple cheese donuts costs P350, while a dozen costs P650. BUNappetite also offers ube cheese donuts, if ube is more of your thing.

BUNappetite is located along Juan Luna Street, Tondo, Manila. You can place your orders via their Instagram page. –

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