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‘More like tasteless atlas’: Pinoys don’t accept ‘slander’ against kinalas, hotsilog
‘More like tasteless atlas’: Pinoys don’t accept ‘slander’ against kinalas, hotsilog
While many take offense of the list, others say it’s just a matter of taste

MANILA, Philippines – Cooking up a storm online, Filipinos called Taste Atlas “Tasteless Atlas” after it ranked Naga City’s delicacy kinalas in 17th place, hotsilog in 36th place, balut, and spaghetti on its 2023 list of Top 100 Worst Dishes in the World

Taste Atlas is an online catalogue of over 10,000 foods and drinks, and describes itself as “an encyclopedia of flavors, a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants.”

Filipinos believe that, in addition to the taste, these dishes also give them value for their money. 

Hotsilog – hotdog, fried rice, and fried egg – is a staple meal for college students and workers on a tight budget.

Twitter user @shade_grey001 goes as far as saying that the Taste Atlas’ list is “classist.” 

A matter of taste

While many took offense of the list, others said it’s just a matter of taste. Some even admitted how they don’t like some Filipino meals that are considered staple in the household. 

Others say some of these dishes are acquired taste. Facebook user Dennis Heruela says his love for the listed meals mostly comes from “growing up with them.”

“No stranger will tell me otherwise,” user Heruela commented. Do you agree?

Twitter user @echoboooom says Filipinos should stop getting pressed about the list, as other dishes also appeared in the top lists of Taste Atlas. “We have different palettes,” the user tweeted. 

In past lists, Taste Atlas listed sinigang as 7th best soup in the world, bibingka as 16th best cake. –

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