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Ube keso buchi? Check out local biz Buchi Queen

Steph Arnaldo
Ube keso buchi? Check out local biz Buchi Queen
The Buchi Queen is a pro at her buchi game, stuffing them with homemade ube-cheese, yema, and monggo fillings

Do you ever find yourself craving for the soft, chewy, and sticky buchi? Check out Buchi Queen, the Caloocan-based local business that sells freshly-cooked buchi balls for delivery daily.

Buchi Queen is a pro at her own buchi game, serving high-quality buchi that’s chewy, tasty (but not too sweet!), and hardly greasy, even though it’s fried. Each one is sized just right, so there’s no umay factor, and generously coated with sesame seeds, which add a nice nutty taste to the treat.

The stars of Buchi Queen’s show, though, are her homemade fillings.

The Ube Keso Buchi is easily a Pinoy favorite (who can say no to ube and cheese?), generously stuffed with creamy, homemade ube halaya and a block of cheese, which all come together in a thick, gooey jam when warmed. In one buchi bite you get chewy, sweet, and a hint of savory, which all harmonize well.

The Ube Keso Buchi comes in 3 sizes: starter (P165), family (P450), and party (P1,200). You can also get them with just ube for a cheaper price.

Buchi Queen’s new Yema Buchi flavor is also gaining popularity, thanks to the silky custard it has inside, which seamlessly flows out of the buchi when bitten. You’d think yema would be too much of overkill, but to be honest, it works. The yema filling tastes similar to a dulce de leche, made not too sweet. It costs P170, P460, and P1,250.

Buchi Queen also has a monggo filling for P150, P400, and P1,100.

And as the brand’s wildcard, Buchi Queen’s Yema Palitaw Balls are also enjoyable to eat! The traditional sticky rice balls are coated in dried coconut, stuffed with the same yema filling as the buchi.

They cost P165, P450, or P1,230 for the 3 sizes.

Buchi Queen’s items are best eaten as soon as they’re delivered (no problem with that, right?). If they’re no longer warm, you can just pop them in the microwave for a few seconds. They’re good for up to 5 days at room temperature – not that they’ll last that long in your home!

To place your orders, you can check out Buchi Queen’s Instagram or Facebook page. –

Steph Arnaldo

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