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Try kani, salmon, tuna poke tacos from this Quezon City shop

Steph Arnaldo
Try kani, salmon, tuna poke tacos from this Quezon City shop

The Blue Apron

This savory novelty combines seafood poke and sushi rice in a crunchy tempura nori shell with creamy sauces

If you’re a fan of fusion cuisine and innovative homemade creations, check out The Blue Apron’s “poke tacos” – a savory novelty that fuses “Japanese, Hawaiian, and Mexican cuisine” into crunchy nori tacos filled with various meats, toppings, and sauces.

Home-based kitchen The Blue Apron was founded by Chef Ina Bilbao, who has had 15 years of experience from different restaurant groups in the country. Along with Kitchie Berba, the pair pursued the biz in 2020 during the lockdown. What started as just a kitchen experiment by the pair grew into a virtual weekend food business, serving up their own flavorful creations with their own brand using knowledge gained from their professional careers as chefs.

Their love for fusion novelty cuisine is evident in their best-selling poke tacos, which make use of a crunchy tempura nori shell, moist sushi rice, and the freshest catch of the day.

A must-try is the Sinful Salmon, made with torched fresh salmon cubes, a creamy, mayo-based layu sauce that’s savory, umami-filled, slightly tangy, and just a tad spicy. It’s topped with crunchy tempura bits and furikake flakes for more umami and a slight nuttiness due to the sesame seeds. You get crunchy, creamy, savory, and tangy all rolled into one crunchy and chewy bite.

A box of three costs P350 while a box of five costs P540.

If you prefer tuna, try out the Tempting Tuna, an equally umami-filled option using torched fresh tuna. It’s enveloped in a creamy soy and sesame sauce and topped with crunchy cucumber slices that are a welcome fresh contrast to the savory soy marinade. The torched cream cheese on top adds an addictive savory creaminess to the taco.

A box of three also goes for P350 and the box of five P540.

If you’re a fan of the Japanese California Maki, try out the refreshing Krazy TNT Kani, made with torched fresh crab stick strips in a creamy teriyaki cider sauce made with crab fat. The savory mixture is topped with fresh ripe mango slices for sweetness and crunchy tobiko for slight saltiness. You get all savory, tangy, and sweet flavors with this option.

A box of three costs P290 and a box of five costs P470.

Filipino cuisine is also on The Blue Apron’s mix with their latest Super Sisig variant – inside the nori taco shell are crunchy, fried pork bits, onions, and a special Japanese sisig sauce, topped with a perfectly-fried quail egg.

A box of three costs P305, while the box of five costs P515.

The Blue Apron also has a Middle Eastern-inspired Shawarma option, made with spiced ground beef on buttered rice, a garlic yogurt sauce, and grilled veggies. A box of three costs P320, and the box of five P530.

The Blue Apron is based in Scout Chuatoco, Quezon City. They only accept orders for the weekends on a pre-order, limited basis. You can place yours via their Instagram page. –

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