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[Kitchen 143] Cheese, please! Cooking tips for when you’re feeling extra cheesy

Michelle Aventajado
[Kitchen 143] Cheese, please! Cooking tips for when you’re feeling extra cheesy
You can melt it, mix it in, or even make it the main ingredient!

The possibilities when working in the kitchen with cheese are endless. You can melt it, mix it in, make it the main ingredient, or add it to an antipasto board of sweet, salty, and crunchy goodness.

Here are three quick ways to whip up recipes with cheese when you are playing in the kitchen, when you are feeling extra cheesy, or when you want to bring something easy to a potluck meal or gathering.


For a more savory sister to the choux pastry cream puff or éclair, grated aged cheese can be mixed into the pastry batter. Topping each puff with even more cheesy goodness gives life to these full-flavored, airy domes. Best enjoyed alongside other savory snacks and starters, these puffs can also be filled with a creamy herb spread to complement the crispy baked cheese.

GOUGERES. These savory puffs are great as a snack and fun to make with the kids. Once you pop, you can’t stop! Photo by Michelle Aventajado
Insasal Sliders

Taking cue from the hand-held smaller cousins of burgers and even pulled pork sliders popular during the hotter summer months, these proudly Pinoy pan de sal treats provide comfort in a new way. 

SLIDERS. I made these from leftover pandesal from brekkie and leftover chicken from the night before. I added chicken skin from the air fryer and atchara for texture and crunch. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

Using our beloved pan de sal, baking in a cast iron skillet and shredding tangy leftover chicken insasal can bring new life to a familiar favorite. Melted California cheddar makes this dish extra special when served with soup. This soup and sammie combo is a new way to improve a simple lunch while being both satisfying and filling.


No need to wait till Taco Tuesday to enjoy these panfried quesadillas that add value to any zero-waste kitchen. Any time the kids can pick up their meals and dip dip dip, they will be sure to enjoy. Utilizing any protein leftover (could be ground meat, shredded pork, or even chunks of chicken) making a fresh salsa, and serving with sour cream completes this quick and easy take on a different kind of sammie that keeps well and can be reheated, too.

QUESADILLAS. Used as a vehicle for recycling leftovers in our home, I serve quesadillas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Sometimes, if we are feeling extra, we will even make our own tortillas. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

Taking simple meals or snacks to the next level with cheesy goodness is always a crowd pleaser for #TeamGellibean. It has been a surefire way to get the kids to eat more veggies, clean up the refrigerator of leftovers, and offer alternatives for quick meals that are great for big and small groups alike. –

Michelle Aventajado

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