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[Kitchen 143] Clever food hacks for COVID-safe snacking

Michelle Aventajado

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[Kitchen 143] Clever food hacks for COVID-safe snacking
We see the adaptations that event organizers, companies, and hostesses have come up with that are not only clever, but make sense to keep everyone healthy

The lifting of restrictions on gatherings has all of us slowly coming together for causes and events outside the house. However, we still need to be cautious and mindful of the virus while returning to the socials that we all miss so much. In fact, as we enter this new hybrid way of working and socializing beyond the virtual conference platforms we have come accustomed to, we see the adaptations that event organizers, companies, and hostesses have come up with that are not only clever, but make sense to keep everyone healthy.

Charcuterie tables and boards have now become personal and hand-carried. Virtual events hosts can opt to send snacks and meals in sustainable packaging as we move away from single-use plastics. Planning for smaller events and hosting at home also reflects these changes in our behavior, as we are more mindful of our consumption.

Here are three ways that we can snack safely, in small and convenient packages that are also fun and innovative, yet still providing the same charcuterie experience.

NEW, NEAT, CLEAN. New ways to present charcuterie include paper acrylic single serving boxes. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

During Rustan’s recent summer launch that I attended, I was pleasantly surprised to see such mindful planning when it came to snacks. The summer shopping sale was my first time back to media events and I was so happy to see my momma friends again.

FREEDOM. Feeling a new sense of freedom when chatting and shopping with the girls for the first summer event of the season. L-R: Rose Fres Fausto, Carmel Rivadelo-Villongco, Nicole Wuthrich De La Cruz, Marie Field Faith, et moi. Photo by Michelle Aventajado

Planning for events that are still strictly online includes delivering snacks, meals, or tokens of appreciation. Delivering snacks effectively is just as important as disinfecting everything that comes into our homes. Taking all things into consideration while being vigilant with hygiene and disinfection is still the first line of defense when keeping our homes safe.

I can even imagine entertaining in an outdoor setting with these little tins for two on the picnic table. It’s super easy to source ingredients and tins as cheeses and meats are from Sourdough Café and Deli while the tins, nuts, and cranberries are from Gavino’s Bake Shop.

Even using recycled jars, or small cocktail glasses gives us the opportunity to use what we already have in the house. Even using mismatched glasses and jars can add character to the table.

JARCUTERIE. Taking the personal meat and cheeses to another level while entertaining at home offers the ability to be mindful in packaging too. Photo by Aleka’s Get Together

Thinking outside the box (or tin) is also easy when there are cones and creativity! Cones can be used for both savory and sweet combinations that offer guests of larger gatherings the option of snacking while on the move. Even if local vendors and caterers have already been offering this tapered hand held snacking option here in Manila, it suddenly takes on a new meaning after the pandemic has changed the way we entertain and gather. 

CONE. Using single serving cones that are sustainably made also alleviates the worry or spreading any germs. Photo by Graze HTX

Perhaps, as we continue to adjust, step outside the home a little more, and find our way to intimate gatherings with friends and family, we will continue to find more sustainable and sanitary ways to nosh, chat, and socialize again. –

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