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Milk tea donuts? This Taguig bakery makes them with leche flan, mango, strawberry

Steph Arnaldo
Milk tea donuts? This Taguig bakery makes them with leche flan, mango, strawberry

Bobba Donuts MNL's Instagram page

These 'boba donuts' are stuffed with whipped cream, chewy pearls, and your choice of mango, strawberry, or leche flan chunks

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that’s willing to try almost any dessert hybrid, maybe you’ve already tried milk tea boba donuts by home-based bakery Bobba Donuts.

Bobba Donuts first launched their unconventional “milk tea donuts” in May 2020 at the start of the lockdown. The founders, a husband and wife, told Rappler that they “had to think of something new and unique that everyone will love, and would help [them] financially during the pandemic.”

“The idea behind bobba donuts was basically me and my husband’s favorite things to eat, which is donuts for my husband and milk tea drinks for me,” Bobba Donuts said.

This time, their signature milk tea donuts – glazed donuts stuffed with cream and tapioca pearls – have been split in the middle and stuffed with fresh fruits and homemade leche flan. The Strawberries and Cream (P300) has two huge donut sandwiches filled with fresh, juicy strawberries, whipped cream, homemade strawberry jam, and chewy pearls. The sweetest part of the hefty dessert is actually the soft, chewy donut, which is dusted with powdered sugar.

The Creamy Mango (P300) has ripe, yellow mango chunks tossed in a simple sugar syrup, stuffed inside two torched sugar donuts, alongside whipped cream and pearls, too.

If you want something extra sweet, the Leche Flan (P250) features generous chunks of smooth, creamy leche flan with cream and pearls.

Bobba Donuts MNL also has a Choco Nutella flavor (P400) – four pieces of donuts filled with dark chocolate whipped cream and topped with Nutella and cocoa powder.

The local bakery released limited edition Milo boba donuts in October and an ube cheese flavor in September.

“We want to have franchisees soon to widen our market, not only in the Metro but outside and in provinces,” they said.

Bobba Donuts is based in Taguig City. You can pre-order their donuts via their Instagram page. –

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