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LIST: LGBTQ+-owned food businesses to support this #PrideMonth (and beyond)

Steph Arnaldo
LIST: LGBTQ+-owned food businesses to support this #PrideMonth (and beyond)

The Bald Baker, Prism Restaurant, Butterboy

Craving ice cream, croissants, or cookies? Check out these proudly LGBTQ+-owned shops for your next sweet fix!

MANILA, Philippines – Whether it’s #PrideMonth or any other month of the year, one of the best ways to support your LGTBQ+ friends and loved ones is to support their business endeavors!

Next time you’re craving sweets, ice creams, or pastries, why not give these proudly LGBTQ+-owned local food businesses a try? As an ally and lover of good food, you won’t be disappointed!

Sebastian’s Ice Cream

Local artisanal ice cream shop Sebastian’s is owned by founder Ian Carandang, a proud Filipino gay man and “out and proud gay bear.”

Sebastian’s head sorbetero is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has used his business to continuously support the LGBTQ+ community since 2016 with the annual Pride Pops release, a limited edition line of rainbow-themed sorbet popsicles every June.

Since then, he’s added new pops variants to represent different subcultures and identities in the LGBTQ+ community, like the Bear Pop, consisting of colors similar to the furs of animal bears (and the bear pride flag) – dark brown, rust, golden yellow, tan, white, grey, and black; and the Transgender Pop, inspired by the trans flag created by trans woman Monica Helms in 1999, which has three colors: baby blue, baby pink, and white. 

Sebastian’s even has a Rainbow Ice Cream Cake to fit the occasion! Aside from the Pride Pops, Sebastian’s is well-known for its rich, creamy ice cream, and unique sorbet flavors inspired by Pinoy ingredients, seasonal fruits, and indulgent combos. You can check out Sebastian’s available ice cream menu online or visit its physical shop at The Podium.


“I’m no pastry chef. Just a pastry gay!” Butterboy, the popular local croissant shop, said. Known to “spread the joy of laminated pastry,” Butterboy Bakehouse is known for its affordable, homemade, flaky, and huge croissants in various sweet and savory unique flavors – there’s carrot cake, taro white chocolate, mango cashew, almond orange, white chocolate pistachio, apple danish, ham and cheese, and even caldereta!

The small baking business was founded by architect and doctor Hildebrand Demeterio, who helms the biz with his boyfriend. Butterboy started from their “pursuit of good food,” cooking for themselves on date nights until they ended up making croissants. “This experiment in viennoiserie eventually became an obsession. Charot!” Butterboy wrote.

For Pride Month, Butterboy is offering adorably colorful Pride Vanilla Rainbow Croissants as part of its Pride Sampler Box.

Butterboy is based in 81 Basa Street, Barangay Paltok, Quezon City. The croissants and other pastries (pain au chocolat, quiche, danish, and more) are available via preorder from Tuesdays to Saturdays via Instagram.

The Bald Baker

One-man team Cy Ynares is The Bald Baker, the founder and head baker of the popular home-based bakeshop that quickly became an Instagram hit. The Bald Baker has been a “longtime personal dream” for Cy, so “please expect everything that comes out of my kitchen to be filled with all the love and passion that I have for the art of baking,” he said.

After several test bakes on his own, Cy managed to achieve the brand’s signature soft, chewy, and “bordering on underbaked” cookie, made with high-quality ingredients and as many locally-sourced goods whenever possible. His crowd-favorite flavors include Basic Betch, Big Black Cookie, Birthday, Milo Dino, Ms. Cornflake, Compost (with the sweet and savory works), and Jem, a vanilla-strawberry cookie. 

The Bald Baker is based in Bellagio Tower 3, Forbestown Road, Bonifacio Global City. You can place your orders via Instagram.

Prism Restaurant and Cafe

Prism Cafe, which started as an online drinks shop in 2021, is owned by couple-chef Grant Zuniga and Aaron Valeroso, who managed to open their IG brand’s first physical shop in the same year in Newport, Pasay. Aside from the cafe, they also managed to open the new Prism Restaurant in Lipa, Batangas, which he has proclaimed an LGBTQ+ “safe space, where everyone is treated special equally.

“Pride is celebrated to set as a reminder that our fight towards equality is far from over. Let people choose who they want to be and whom they want to be with. Let everyone be happy. It’s a celebration of joy, acceptance, love, and happiness. Racers! Start your engines, and let’s get this pride month started! Happy pride, bbs,” Prism wrote on Instagram.

Prism Restaurant, which overlooks a beautiful view of Taal, serves dishes of familiar and new flavors, and different cuisines, marrying local Batangas produce with Grant’s and Aaron’s local and international culinary experience.

Prism Cafe, on the other hand, specializes in fruit milks, cocktails, ades, coffee, matcha, and teas, as well as snacks, sandwiches, and healthy bowls. You can check out Prism Restaurant’s and Prism Cafe’s menus on their respective websites.

Baker on East

Baker on East is founded by “queer food dude” and head baker-in-chief Chino Cruz, who is in charge of the R&D and creative aspect of his homemade donut business.

Every month, Baker on East offers a different selection of donut flavors (usually a mix of old favorites and new inventions). On the menu for June are black sesame cookies and cream, pandan mocha, pineapple and tonka bean; and smoky chai.

Customers can preorder via Instagram. Baker on East is based in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. –

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