LIST: Dairy-free milk options you can get online

Non-dairy milk – for others, a it's a must (hello lactose-intolerant, vegan, and plant-based friends), and for many, it's the occasional healthy splurge. Either way, dairy-free milk is a good choice for those who want to avoid animal products and add more nut or oat nutrition in their lives.

Soy, almond, macadamia, cashew, oat, you name it – dairy-free milk is growing in popularity among baristas, home bakers, and casual drinkers alike. These creamy, milk alternatives work well in fruit smoothies, granola bowls, tea lattes, hot or iced coffee, in pastries, or even as just a drink.

Terror Yeasts

Local brand Terror Yeasts sells their creamy, homemade, vegan-approved cashew milk in two glass bottle sizes: 500ml (P145) and one liter (P285).

Known to froth well in hot or cold coffee, Terror Yeast's all-natural, preservative-free cashew milk is sweetened with dates and a hint of vanilla, and is also available as a monthly subscription. You can check them out on Instagram.


Popular soy milk brand Vitasoy just came out with the new, cholesterol-free Vitasoy Milky variant, which they claim is creamier, milkier, and great with coffee.

You can get a liter of Vitasoy Milky for P99 (it can also come with oats for the same price) from The Vegan Grocer on Instagram.

Milklab Philippines

Milklab Philippines, the Australian brand's official importer in the country, offers 3 kinds of plant-based milk in liters for P195 – almond, coconut, and macadamia milk.

You can place your orders via their Facebook page.


Manila-based MLKD's plant-based milk selection comes in unsweetened or sweetened versions: choose from cashew (P220, P230), oat (P190, P200), and almond (P230, P240).

MLKD also has special milk blends available, like almond cashew (P240), walnut oat (P230), and horchata (P220). You can place your orders via their online form.


Another rising brand for commercial oats milk is Oatly!, praised for being a creamy, vegan-friendly substitute to cow's milk.

You can get Oatly! in barista edition (perfect for lattes), chocolate, or original flavors for P364 a liter. You can also get it enriched for P105 per 250ml from The Vegan Grocer.

Quezon City's White Camp Coffee and Kitchen also sells Oatly! by the liter at P350. You can order from them via their online form.

Nutmilk Bar

For a variety of freshly-made, all-natural, plant-based milk, Nutmilk bar's got them for you - almond, cashew, and oat – made without any additives, fillers, or preservatives, and delivered in minimalist glass packaging.

You can get almond milk sweetened (P280) or unsweetened (P265), as well as cashew (P270, P255) and oat (P225, P215).

Nutmilk Bar delivers on Wednesday and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm with a P100 flat rate delivery fee. If you order at least 3 bottles, delivery is free. You can order via Instagram.

Not Milk MNL

This vegan-friendly milk brand serves 5 types of non-dairy milk mixed with all-natural ingredients to amp up its mild taste. No refined sugar, oil, and additives here!

Their oat milk (P175) is made from oats, cashews, and sea salt, while their nut-free milk (P180) is made from oats, sunflower seeds, and sea salt. Not Milk MNL's also got cashew (P185), almond (P190), and hazelnut milk (P195). You can check out their Instagram page.

Dairy Free PH

This plant-based brand serves the OG oat milk in 500ml (P190) and one liter bottles (P300), but also has interesting flavors up its sleeve: matcha oat (P230, P320) and berry oat (P230, P320).

Dairy Free's milks are all freshly-made before delivery. You can place your orders via Instagram.


This international brand sources their organic milk from Italy, and has brought even their plant-based offerings to the Philippines. Koita has soy, organic, sugar-free almond, oat, and rice milk for P214.50 per one liter tetrapak.

You can check them out on Instagram.

It's Nut Milk!

Home-based maker of dairy-free, preservative-free drinks It's Nut Milk! sells almond milk plain (P195) or sweetened (P205), as well as almond-vanilla (P210) and coconut cashew milk (P195).

You can order for their next delivery batch via Instagram.


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