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LIST: Where to get lemon bars for delivery

Steph Arnaldo
LIST: Where to get lemon bars for delivery
Craving this zesty-sweet pastry? You can get your fix from these local bakeries

Fans of light and bright desserts may usually prefer a tangy lemon bar over a rich chocolate cake. Lemon bars are the perfect balance of tangy and sweet – usually, a buttery shortbread crust sits below a soft center of zesty lemon curd filling, topped with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Craving for this citrusy pastry? Here are a few home bakeries that serve their own takes on the popular treat.

Lala Lemon

Based in Las Pinas, home bakery Lala Lemon’s thick lemon bars are as tangy and bright as you’d expect them to be. Their creamy, lemon custard sits atop a buttery, shortbread crust, and then dusted with powdered sugar.

Lala Lemon’s bars cost P130 for a box of 6, P240 for 12, and P300 for 16. They deliver every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. You can order via Instagram.

Baked Manila

Baked Manila’s take is called a lemon meringue bar, tangy-sweet lemon filling on a shortbread crust, topped with fluffy, torched meringue.

It costs P80 for 3 pieces and P150 for 6. They deliver from Fridays to Sundays from their Valenzuela City hub. You can order on Instagram.

The Doxie Kitchen

The Doxie Kitchen sells a dozen of their lemon bars for P160, and delivers to customers in Metro Manila and Laguna.

Each bar has a soft butter shortbread crust and a tangy-sweet lemon curd, made with fresh lemons. You can order via Instagram.

Brunch with A

Based in New Manila, Quezon City, Brunch with A makes their shortbread crust lemon bars with freshly-squeezed lemons, available every weekend.

They cost P180 for a dozen. You can order through Instagram.

Lemon Squares By Fran

Fran makes her lemon squares with a buttery crust, a soft, tangy, lemon zest center, and then dusted off with sugar.

She sells them for P250 a dozen and P495 for 25 pieces. They’re based in San Juan and Quezon City. You can order via Instagram.

Sweet Joys PH

They’re not exactly lemon bars, but they’re still made of citrus – introducing Sweet Joys’ Calamansi Crumb Bars, a sweet dessert with a “sour punch.”

At the bottom is a dense cake crust and above the zesty filling is a crumb topping. A box of 6 costs P420.

They’re located in BF Paranaque, but can cater to pick-ups in Kapitolyo, Pasig on weekdays. You can order on Instagram.

Flavors and Frostings

This home bakery in Mandaluyong City offers squares of buttery, shortbread crust with a thick layer of gooey lemon custard on top.

A box of 10 costs P190. You can order via Instagram.

Squares MNL

Squares MNL’s lemon squares combine a buttery crust with lemon curd and powdered sugar on top. A box of 9 costs P200.

They’re available for pre-order with delivery days set per week. Squares MNL is based in Manila. You can order from them through Instagram.

Sweets By The Bs

The sisters-owned home bakery sells their tangy-sweet lemon bars for P300 a box of 16.

They’re based in Quezon City. You can pre-order via Instagram. –

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