LIST: Food trays, platters to enjoy this holiday season (and even after)

Steph Arnaldo
LIST: Food trays, platters to enjoy this holiday season (and even after)

PLATTERS. Food trays for sharing are always a hit during the holiday season.

Maguro Prime, Sestra Quisina, The Grid, Slow Burn MNL

From pizza, pasta, sushi, sashimi, to dimsum – check out these local businesses for your party tray needs!

Whether you’re too lazy to whip up a Noche Buena spread at home, or are just looking to include a few new additions to your usual family feast, food trays and platters are always the way to go. Luckily, several local home-based businesses and restaurants are here to make our lives easier – whether it’s for the holiday season or even all year round – with a variety of home-cooked meals like pasta, meats, pizza, and even sushi in sizes good for sharing.

Here are a few businesses to check out for your family’s food tray and platter needs!

Have a pizza party with Gianetto Pizza

You can’t go wrong with homemade pizza, and local biz Gianetto won’t disappoint. Their 12″ Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza is crisp, thin, and chewy, generously topped with cheese and the works.

If there’s one flavor you must try, it’s their new Eats Me Spinach (P550), made with Gianetto’s signature white sauce, premium mozzarella, dollops of salty-tangy cream cheese, and fresh spinach, making for a creamy, savory treat similar to the famed Spinach Artichoke pizza. Every cheesy, flavorful bite melts in your mouth; you’ll definitely want a pizza!

If you like truffle, check out their Truffle Mushroom (P550), made with white sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, shiitake mushrooms, onion crunch, and black truffle oil. Both options are vegetarian, and go well with a thick drizzle of Gianetto’s complimentary honey. For tomato-based choices, you can try the simple Margherita (P420) or the Prosciutto Arugula (P550).

Mandaluyong City-based Gianetto can cater to same-day delivery orders. Each pizza is freshly-baked. They’re open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am to 7 pm, and can take orders via website.

Enjoy an Asian-inspired feast at home
Made in BKK

If your fam is into Southeast Asian cuisine, try out Thai concept Made in BKK, a cloud kitchen that reinvents Thai favorites. Love Thailand’s spicy-tangy Tom Yum soup? Made in BKK offers the famed dish with an unconventional twist that’s worth a try. The Tom Yum Puff Noods (P850) has puffed crispy noodles that dissolve when mixed in with a special creamy, spicy-tangy-savory Tom Yum sauce, alongside whole jumbo prawns. It’s addictive, flavorful, and a fun, new way to enjoy the classic delicacy.

Made in BKK also has a Thai Crispy Chicken Curry (P1,280) tray that features a tender and crunchy boneless fried chicken doused in a delicious green curry sauce, topped over soft, fragrant, coconut rice and served with a crispy Shimeji mushroom side. Another meaty option is the Wagyu Thai Steak Tray (P1,890), made with pan-seared Australian Wagyu, Thai steak rice, a golden egg, green curry salt, and tamarind steak sauce.

Finish everything off with Made in BKK’s refreshing Tropic Thunder drink – a fruity combination of mango, passionfruit, and coconut juice – or the Mango Sticky Rice drink, made with real sticky rice.

Made in BKK, which was founded in August, is based in Makati City. You can place your orders via their website.


A Thai feast isn’t complete without pad thai, so Flowerboy’s Chicken and Beef Pad Thai Tray (P1,789) may just do the trick! LowBrow’s Asian concept serves a Beef Pad Thai made with rice noodles, bokchoy, and beef slices, inspired by the popular Pad See Ew. They also have the classic Chicken Pad Thai – savory, tangy, mildly sweet, complex, and umami-rich. No scrimping of toppings here!

LowBrow also has a Beefier’s Smoked Beef Lechon Tray (P1,789), made with low-cooked, roasted beef and served with potato dill salad, grilled romaine, chimichurri, gravy, and garlic rice. Each tray is good for 6-7 people. Customers can order via LowBrow’s website.

This may come out of left field, but LowBrow’s fried chicken concept, Bad Bird, offers an addictive basket of their Umami Fried Chicken Skin (P280) that’s great for pulutan or as an appetizer, dipped in their tangy aioli dip. You can get this from Bad Bird’s The Grid stall for delivery.

Hot Kiss Kitchen

For Asian fusion, sushi tacos are the way! I’M Hotel’s new concept, Hot Kiss Kitchen, “redefines the taco experience” by serving up international flavors – from Korea, Singapore, Japan, Italy, and more – in the form of ingenuous tortilla or nori “sushi tacos.” Each flavorful taco is brimming with their respective meats, toppings, veggies, and sauces, making it a filling snack or meal altogether. The presentation is also very pretty and colorful, as almost every taco is topped with edible flowers and herbs.

Try all their 8 flavors in one assorted box (P1,150), which include the Cheeseburger with Mac n Cheese Taco, Pulled Beef Rendang Taco, Korean Beef Bulgogi Taco w/ Kimchi, Seafood Croquette with Aligue, Wasabi Prawn Taco, Szechuan Wings Taco, Chicken Kebab Taco, and Sisig w/ Chicharon Taco. They also have a Vegan Tofu Taco option available. Each box is bundled with organic microgreens, smoked cheese, roasted tomato salsa, and a piccante hot sauce. Customers can order via Hot Kiss Kitchen’s website.

Ocean Palace Manila

Craving for sum dimsum? Get a variety of seven colorful dumplings in one platter from Ocean Palace Manila, Chef Kerri’s latest culinary endeavor from home. Not only is it a gorgeous sight to behold, but there’s something for everyone in this good-for-sharing Dimsum Bouquet.

The beach pink dumplings have shrimp and scallop; the sunset orange is fresh shrimp hakaw; the seaweed green cabbage roll has fresh meat inside a fresh cabbage leaf; and the seafoam blue has pork and mushroom inside. There’s also the sunrise yellow dumpling with sharksfin and shrimp, and the red hot sun, which has spicy Schezhuan pork. It’s served with a soy dipping sauce.

Ocean Palace Manila is based in Maginhawa, Quezon City. You can order via Instagram.

Japanese, please!
Maguro Prime

Why not splurge on high-quality sashimi this holiday season? Local business Maguro Prime sells imported premium bluefin tuna around the country, delivering fresh cuts daily.

As the name suggests, their expertise is maguro (tuna), so their 3 Sushi Set of Hon Maguro (P800) is a must-try. It has three different tuna cuts – the melt-in-your-mouth, fatty O Toro; the soft Chu Toro; and the lean Akami – all nestled on hand-pressed sushi rice. For a taste of everything, get the Sashimi Mora Awase Premium Set (P5,888), a combination of 12 O Toro, Hamachi, Salmon, and Ikura slices with Ikura. They also have a seasonal Maguro Kama (P1,700), a large cut of tuna collar with lean and fatty meats and a strong, savory taste.

Everything is made to order five hours before delivery, so you’re guaranteed freshness, sans any malansa after-taste. You can order through Instagram.

If you want maki and sushi, Mitasu Yakiniku has a Premium Sushi Platter (P899) for sharing, which is a combination of Golden Roll Maki (tempura, kani, mango, Japanese mayo); California Maki; Spicy Salmon/Tuna Maki; Tamago Aburi Sushi; Kani Aburi Sushi; and Salmon Nigiri. Mitasu Yakiniku is based in Banawe, Quezon City, but you can also order from their website.

Hashi Donburi also has maki, sushi, and sashimi platters available for delivery – you can get Set A (P699), which is 32 pieces of maki rolls, Set B (P1,199) with 48 maki rolls, 12 pieces of kani and tamago sushi; or go all out with Set E (P1,799), with 60 pieces of maki rolls, 12 pieces of salmon and tuna sushi, and 100 grams of sashimi. 

Hashi’s maki rolls include an assortment of Tempura Maki, California Maki, Kani Mango, and Spicy Salmon. Get their Rainbow Special Roll as well, made with fresh tuna, salmon, mango, and more. You can order via Instagram.

Hearty, comfort food goodness
Slow Burn MNL

For premium surf and turf platters, Slow Burn MNL knows how to deliver. Their home-cooked food trays are filling, hearty, generous, and flavorful, made only with premium meats, fresh veggies, and tasty sauces. Get The Mix (P2,299), a combo platter of a full rack of smokin’, saucy ribs; two tender, moist seared salmon fillets; easy-to-peel garlic shrimps; and addictive truffle umami rice and squid ink rice, with crisp French beans and juicy cherry tomatoes.

You can also try their Chicken and Chorizo Linguine, made with two kinds of chorizo, fresh mushrooms, spices, and cream, topped with boneless chicken fillet, basil, and lemon. It costs P999 and P549 for two sizes. You can order via Slow Burn’s Instagram.

Sestra Quisina

Sister-owned home biz Sestra Quisina knows how to serve up comforting and satisfying pasta dishes for solo or sharing. A must-try is their Genovese Penne with Buratta, penne coated in garlicky homemade basil pesto, topped with fresh, juicy cherry tomatoes, parma ham or hungarian sausage, and creamy, soft burrata that’s great mixed in with the pasta. It costs P585 for the family size and P1,650 for party size.

They also have a Surf and Turf Carbonara, made with shrimp and bacon. Their new Braided Salmon with Spinach Sauce is also worth a try; freshly-baked salmon is atop a crisp bed of veggies and doused in a creamy, white wine spinach sauce. It costs P2,175 for family size and P2,975 for sharing. You can order via Instagram.

Mimi & Bros

For the carnivores out there, Mimi & Bros has food trays that’ll fill you up – their newest Chicken and Chorizo Paella with Crispy Lechon Belly Party Tray (P1,000) features a crisp, boneless lechon Belly stuffed with spices, paired with Chicken and Chorizo Paella; they also have a Truffle Mushroom Paella with Porchetta Party Tray (P3,200).

For pasta, Mimi & Bros offers Lola’s Ragu (P1,350), their take on the classic Italian pasta dish with beef chunks, sweet tomato sauce, and topped with parmesan cheese. Pair it with their Truffle Honey Butter Wings (P1,100), chicken wings drizzled in a sweet-savory truffle honey butter sauce.

Mimi & Bros is based in Bonifacio Global City. You can order via Facebook. –

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