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This Quezon City baker’s meringue fudge brownie is chocolate on chocolate

Steph Arnaldo
This Quezon City baker’s meringue fudge brownie is chocolate on chocolate
Brownie points for this moist, fudgy milk chocolate brownie topped with a crisp and airy chocolate meringue!

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever had a meringue-slash-fudge brownie? Now’s the time to try one out! Home-based baker Your Critical Baker specializes in a dessert called Andrea’s Fault, a scraggly-looking pastry that’s one part fudgy chocolate brownie and other part airy-crisp meringue.

It’s called Andrea’s Fault because home baker Candace put a “positive spin” on a manageable neurological condition of hers that “strangely flares up” when earthquakes happen. “I live pretty high up so I get a good amount of shaking where I’m at,” she told Rappler.

Oddly inspired by the tremors she gets during these flare-ups, she created Andrea’s Fault, a twin decker candy-over-brownie dessert that resembles a quake-stricken land but tastes like a chocoholic’s heaven on earth.

What you’re getting is a soft, fudgy, and moist milk chocolate brownie base that’s topped with coarsely-chopped walnuts and almonds for a delicate crunch. On top of that are small pieces of slightly chewy dark and milk chocolate candy, and then a final pillowy layer of heavenly chocolate meringue with a cracked and crisp top crust. It’s a melody of different textures, but with one solid flavor: chocolate. And no, it isn’t cloyingly sweet nor nakaka-umay.

Andrea’s Fault costs P1,150 for the Small Fault and P1,550 for the Big Fault.

If you’re a hardcore matcha enthusiast, Your Critical Baker also has a version that’s as earthy as they come. The Andrea’s Fault 2 uses a mocha brownie instead, topped with caramelized white chocolate, the same nuts, and matcha meringue with a generous dusting of pure matcha powder on top. The brownie itself was good, but because I’m not too keen on the strong grassy flavor of matcha, I prefer the first variant.

Andrea’s Fault 2 costs P1,700 for the Big Fault and P1,200 for the Small Fault. Have both with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, because why not?

Your Critical Baker’s confections are made without any preservatives or artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. They are home-baked upon request for maximum freshness; nothing is pre-made.

Andrea’s Fault is of limited production, so it’s best to order in advance! Your Critical Baker’s hub is located in Eastwood, Quezon City. You can place your orders via Instagram. –

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